PastaBoat Microwave Pasta Cooker

PastaBoat Microwave Pasta Cooker

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didnt work as well as i would have liked noodles had funny texture

i hated this product. it didn't even fit in my microwave and once my pasta pieces burnt to it and the product burnt open. do not buy this because boiling the water and cooking it on the stove is way better

I find it easier to boil the pasta on the stovetop while cooking my sauce..I just enjoy cooking too much I guess

This is an amazing product for busy families! It actually works! I can put it in the microwave and focus on other parts of the meal and have the perfect pasta in 25 minutes. It is a little messy, hence the 4 stars and not 5, but it truely does work and it has saved us tons of time and space on the stove. It is also great for a quick pasta lunch for the kids! I was very skeptical so I picked it up on clearence for 5.00, now that I have used it I would have paid the 10.00 long ago!