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  • anarebca By  anarebca    

    Love this game!! It takes awhile for you to finish it. It?s one of those ?what should we do now? activities that the whole family will love, great family gathering game! 10/10 would play again!

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  • Michelle1215 By  Michelle1215    

    want a great family night full of fun this is it.

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  • Desiree89 By  Desiree89    

    My 7 year old daughter absolutely loves this game and it's fun for all ages.

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  • murphnm By  murphnm    

    We bought this for my daughter for Christmas last year. We love it. There are so many ways to play & you can flip the board pieces.

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  • shoppingurl1697 By  shoppingurl1697    

    i played this game with my friends and we all enjoyed it.

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  • Melbabe By  Melbabe    

    I completely agree with the con. Their are seven kids in my family so keeping game pieces together is nearly impossible. I did find though that this was did stay together pretty great because there weren't many small pieces.

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  • maggietulips By  maggietulips    

    Great game for the entire family!! My 7 year old LOVES it! And it even kept my 3 year old twin boys attention!!! Not an easy thing to do :) :)

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