Parents Choice Real Cloth Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes

Parents Choice Real Cloth Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes

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Reusable? Yay! Satisfied customer Love this product genius idea I'm super happy that these are reusable saves money and works extremely well I'd get this again for sure these wipes are a big Time saver I'm already looking for more by this company highly recommended

I love these!! I would buy these over pampers!

Love these wipes they are thick, so you don't need as many wipes for those dirty diapers.

I don't really care for the parents choice wipes. i actually prefer the up&up wipes ( the old target brand) They are cotton and thick and gentle. The parents choice made my daughter's skin break out sadly :-(.

Love these wipes also,great price and quality product.

I haver ALWAYS used these wipes!!! They have always done the job, if not just as good then better than the expensive ones!!

Awesome product! I make my own cloth wipes now but these are a great affordable alternative. Especially for travel or when your on the go!

I also use these! I love 'em!

Awesome awesome awesome! Great price and comparable to Pampers Sensitive!

I absolutely love these baby wipes! They are thick and textured, so you won't need as many during a typical diaper change. The wipes themselves are great for sensitive skin and are not overly wet. They come in a 3-pack of 3 convienant dispensers. They great to use at home or on the go. There are 80 wipes in each dispensing pack, so you get a total 240 for $3.99. Great low price!