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  • Pompbella By  Pompbella    

    Unbeatable price

    Less than $1 a bottle! Cute designs. Basic bottle.

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  • Krystal_DawnL By  Krystal_DawnL    

    Awesome bottles!

    I absolutely love these bottles. I've used them for all 3 of my girls. Never had any issues with gas, leaks or melting when I microwaved the bottles.

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    These are the only bottles I swore by when my two youngest were babies! The quality was amazing for the affordable price!

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  • Connoranddarrylsmommy By  Connoranddarrylsmommy    

    My son didnt like these but they are great durable and have excellent quality

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  • Mother6 By  Mother6    

    I didn't use these early on with my little ones due to the fact that I had premies. Once they were a few months old I switched and stuck with this brand due to the cost effectiveness.

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  • kellimanthey85 By  kellimanthey85    

    Absolutely LOVE these bottles. Cheap, cute, easy to find and don't leak. I will be using them primarily for my next child.

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  • Stacer20 By  Stacer20    

    These are the only bottle my youngest daughter would use, unfortunately after a few weeks they dont seem to get as clean so i throw them away and buy new.

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  • sweetmonkey8577 By  sweetmonkey8577    

    Very affordable and work great.

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  • Sassbar22 By  Sassbar22    

    These are a great value. These are the bottles I prefer to use. I had no problems with them and I'm glad they fit other nipples as well without leaks or issues.

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  • bperno By  bperno    

    These worked great when needed new bottles. They fit a lot of different nipples so can still use the nipple your child likes the best. They are also at a great price!

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  • mandiesmith080311 By  mandiesmith080311    

    They are low priced and have many different designs. You can afford to buy several at a time. They work great and look cute.

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  • cowgirl_3298 By  cowgirl_3298    

    These are great bottles especially for the price. When my daugter was a newborn the small bottle was her favorite. The only downside is that they don't vent well and create a lot of pressure inside wo every minute or so we had to get her to unlatch from the bottle so the pressure could be released - this of course causes a good many bubbles in the bottle. Aside from that though they are great bottles and very cute patterns!

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  • singlemommyof2 By  singlemommyof2    

    My daughter still uses these while cup training. They were low priced, adorable designs, and have lasted the past 14 months with my li'l one! =) I was very happy to find these being a single mom I didn't have much money to buy all the things I needed when I was pregnant with my baby girl so Thank You Parents Choice!!

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  • MamaKass3 By  MamaKass3    

    My newest baby used these. I originally bought the playtex drop ins but he refused that nipple. So I bought these on a whim spur of the moment shopping trip. Couldnt beat the price so I figured why not take a chance. He loved them! No problems with them at all. No leaks, easy to clean, no gas.

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  • Biancaarevalo By  Biancaarevalo    

    Great bottles at a great price

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