Parenting Concepts Sling EZee baby carrier

Parenting Concepts Sling EZee baby carrier

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Not my favorite. Bulky and hot and poor baby gets lost inside, not a safe idea.

This is one of the WORST ring slings I've ever used! Please do yourself a favor and save your money AND your back and purchase a differant brand. First of all, ring slings with metal rings are a million times safer. Second of all, the excess padding in this carrier is not only super cumbersom but also ridiculously UNcomfortable. I cannot help but feel like the only person that would like this ring sling is someone that has never tried any other.

My Sling-EZee has been the single, most important baby product I own. I starting wearing my son in the Sling-EZee the first day home from the hospital and I have used it everyday since. The Sling-EZee has saved my back and arms from carrying fatigue, comforted my fussy babies and helped me get my baby to sleep at 3am and for naps (more than one time). It has been perfect to use as a nursing cover and a sun shade when we are out and about in the stroller. Now I'm wearing my 4 month old daughter and we both love it! Also, this company backs up it's product - it's hard to find companies that will do that these days.