Paper Mate Write Bros Mechanical Pencils

Paper Mate Write Bros Mechanical Pencils

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They work well for what they are. Very accessible and works for a bit.

They are okay for cheap disposable pencils I love papermate?s clearpoint and clearpoint elite mechanical pencils but the write bros aren?t quality. They work fine for one time uses but the lead breaks easily, the erasers are stiff and rarely work, and the pencil itself is made of cheap plastic. This is a product that exemplifies the ?you get what you pay for? sentiment of purchasing.

Must have Precise lines, smooth dark lead, excellent eraser. I always have these around the house!

I really like these pencils .they never break when I write with them .they are affordable and they come with several in a pack .they are the best to buy

Use these everyday for school! Love writing with these mechanical pencils.

While the price is nice and the quality isn't too terrible my only complaint is that it seems like everytime I buy a pack of these at least one malfunctions and refuses to work.

I use mechanical pencils as much as my children do. These pencils are hard to keep from breaking the lead each time to use them. You really have to be careful of how hard you press on the lead. It is a little frustrating. My children have asked to use a different brand of mechanical pencil. Sorry.

Paper Mate has always been a go to name when were penicil and pen shopping. I swear we buy them just for the kids to lose,break, or give away!! These write nicely and are a great price.

Our children love mechanical pencils but these are not the sharpest pencil in the box! The lead is constantly breaking, even without pushing hard. As you press the eraser end to push out the lead, the lead falls due to being broken inside already. I do like the erasers and they are smudge resistant - the only saving grace for this product.