Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Shampoo & Conditioner

Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Shampoo & Conditioner

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Honestly, I never use anything else on my hair. I have extremely curly, thick, colored/bleached, and, now, LONG hair. All thanks to this line right here. I tried growing out my hair for years, but with the strengthening and dying, it just couldn't grow.. Then I switched to Pantene permanently and it's literally at my hips!!! And I could never get it more than a few inches past my shoulders... It's the best.

My hair is thin with moods wings and it worked fine for me

Shampoo comes out white.It feels really smooth.While working it in I noticed it was making my hair feel softer.After I finished using it I noticed my hair was soft to the touch and easier to brush.I usually have issues with my hair being tangly but after using this product I haven't had as many tangles in my hair.Ive also had less hair breakage after using this product. Overall Im loving this product!

I really like this pantene shampoo. I tried it because I had a coupon and now I will continue to purchase it. I've seen people say that it leaves buildup but ALL shampoos do. You should alternate the shampoo you use for every wash to ensure you don't have any buildup.

I have never seen a product do exactly what is claims until using this line. My short hair has grown by leaps and bounds since using this shampoo and conditioner. truly grows you hair longer and stronger in a quick amount of time.

I have long thick wavy hair just above my waist. I've tried many shampoos & conditioners out on the market ranging from salon brands to drug store. I personally haven't had much trouble with Pantene. I have had several hair dressers tell me that Pantene is the worst product to use on the hair and it causes damage but anthey never solidified their reasons when I questioned. This particular product left my hair soft and detangled. The scent wasn't over powering. I didn't have any frizzies with this system so I didn't need much syling product other than a leave in spray conditioner. After about 2 1/2 wks is when I noticed my hair had adapted to this and had to switch products. , I was happy with it!

Like the texture and the scent of this product. Helps clean the gunk off that other shampoos leave in my hair.

I found this Pantene to be, well, like all the other Pantene's I've tried. They work great the first few times and then slowly but surely, the build up begins and before you know it you have lank, lifeless hair that looks dull and greasy and totally unmanageable. Not to mention how it dries out your hair under all that silicone!!! I love the smell of Pantene, and have often wished I could find one that consistently works, but even with a clarifying shampoo once a week, it's just not worth the damage it causes my hair.

I have used Pantene products for over 10 years now. I love their affordable and manageable prodcuts. I now am sharing their greatness with my daughter.

I agree with jadedgrin and pinkpixie. I use Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and I love it. I have thick, long, coarse hair that I blowdry every day. It has really cut down on my split ends. I use very little product on my hair, and Pantene never causes greasiness or weighs it down. The people who hate it just have a different type of hair that it does not work for.

i have long, thick hair with many split ends and flyaways until this product. I hate cutting my hair so it has been a littly unruly but the beautiful lengths line actually helped the split ends, control flyaways, smooth my hair, and gets rid of tangles. it always feels so light and clean when i use it. i hardly give 5 stars but this one deserves it!

I have never heard of the floor wax myth, but I truly dislike Pantene. I have wavy, medium texture hair and it completely weighs down my hair and it feels greasy by the end of the day. I would not recommend this or any other Pantene product to anyone.

Pantene does not contain floor wax. It does contain silicone which helps control fly-away hair and frizzy hair. If you have fine hair, it's only going to weigh it down. I think a lot of the ill effects people experience revolve more around the product they use along with the shampoo and conditioners. I don't use any gels or mousse in my hair (only a little hair spray) and it was never weighed down with the Pantene. I used Pantene Pro V for a long time with no ill effects. I really liked it. I will most likely use it again when I run out of the Humectant shampoo my sister gave me (she's a hair stylist). If we can post websites here, here is a site that reviews this product.

WOW did not know it can damage your hair, i have been using it for a while and have noticed change for the best on my hair.

Yes it does! My stylist mentioned this to me and I stopped using ASAP! Haven't used it in years! It suppose to be one of the worst shampoo & conditioners on the market.