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  • DJCrabtree By  DJCrabtree    

    This is by far the best shampoo for fine, limp hair. I have thinning hair, so I started using the shampoo and conditioner. I love th feeling of soft, fuller hair. It's easy to style! I highly recommend this to anyone that has fine hair.

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  • TheRealMacMcCoy By  TheRealMacMcCoy    

    This product made my hair smell fantastic, but unfortunately I didn't notice any difference in the volume as opposed to regular shampoo. I doubt I would purchase it again as I may go for something that works a bit more as advertised.

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  • downsizediva By  downsizediva    

    I have fine thin hair and this shampoo gives me the right amount of volume that last all day! It gives my hair shine and a great value for the size and price.

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  • smelcer78 By  smelcer78    

    I really enjoy this shampoo. Sometimes shampoo has too many conditioning agents. This is just shampoo. It cleans without leaving behind any residue that will make your hair appear oily or dull. great product!

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  • thenewme By  thenewme    

    I like this shampoo. It makes my hair feel light and I sometime skip my volume mousse. I do feel that after a while I need to use a clarify shampoo to remove the build up from use this shampoo.

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  • bluesubaru By  bluesubaru    

    I am very picky on my shampoo. this is the one shampoo i tried that got me through all the breaking and damage on my hair after i had kids. It made my hair feel weightless. It also strengthens hair. so that the breakage didn't happen as much. I had long hair when i used this product and i loved that a bottle would last for months. the only down side, is that the product does build up on your hair and it is nessacary to use a product to strip off the protiens left behind. But if you hair is damaged you need that protection. and there are some non invasive products that will help wash the proteins away

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  • Cropperhopper By  Cropperhopper    

    This shampoo adds volume without weighing my hair down. It also moisturizes my hair better than other shampoos including salon shampoos.

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  • bettyboop2001 By  bettyboop2001    

    This is one of the best shampoos I've found for thin, fine hair. It makes my hair looker fuller and shinier.

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  • greenteamom56 By  greenteamom56    

    I have not tried this product yet, but plan to do so. I have been told this is the best product out there for fine hair. I have always loved Pantene. Since chemo and hair loss my hair has grown back in and is now very fine and somewhat dry. I am anxious to try this and see how it works for me. Great reviews everyone!!!

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  • amberdana By  amberdana    

    I love Pantene shampoo. I have allot of fine hair which can get dry too. This doesn't make my hair flat and helps it feel soft and silky but not greasy looking. Plus it makes it fluffy too.

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  • JoniMBen By  JoniMBen    

    I have very thin hair that is absolutely flat if I don't use something so I tried Pantene and it is terrific. My hair is full, but not sticky and there is no build up after using it for a few days. I love it.

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  • denloew By  denloew    

    I love, love, love this shampoo. I have very fine, thin hair and this shampoo truly does volumize my hair. It makes it look fuller and is not hard on my hair. Believe me, I have tried many shampoos and this one works the best. I definitely recommend it for those who want to make it look like they have more hair and volume.

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