Panda Express Restaurant

Panda Express Restaurant

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tastes good Their food tastes really good but it's expensive for what you get. You don't get a lot of meat for your entree, it's 3/4 rice. Don't get me wrong, I like rice but I don't want the meat to be my side.

I've been eating Panda Express for years now and honestly, it is hit or miss when it comes to the food.

My favorite restaurant Panda Express is my favorite restaurant! The orange chicken is amazing!

I like their pineapple chicken dish! My boyfriend likes that too and their beef dish as well. The rice is just okay and I'm a big lover of rice. The location near me is always packed or they just don't have any food in the trays at all. We rarely get this but it is pretty greasy but pretty good.

I like this place. I have not had any bad incidents there and the food is good. I don't eat there often because I live in alaska.

Before this incident happened I actually liked their food & ate there quite often. Now it's once in a great while. This happened last year during the summer. I was eating lunch inside when a family came in to order their food. One of their children was sick so as they were going to order the child threw up all over the floor. The parents whisked away their kid to the bathroom but he threw up near the drink dispenser. Nobody cleaned the mess up, not the parents & not the employees. I sat there in disbelief that nobody touched it. customers were coming in didn't realize it was vomit they were stepping on. About 10 min passed and it was still there & i just threw away my food cause i so lost my appetite. I left and warned people who were coming in. I went home and called & emailed the corporate office. I wasn't happy at all. I did get customer service finally and they were apalled that the employees didn't even clean it up. Unsanitary that's for sure. So after a follow up call, the lady told me when she called the Panda Express they still hadn't cleaned it up. I received a free meal. Other than that disgusting.