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  • LoreHerrera By  LoreHerrera    


    This brand is the very first brand I used on my daughter. I love that they have the little yellow line that turns a greenish blue when they have a wet diaper. Also they smell like baby powder which I personally LOVE!! only reason we did not continue to use is because we had TONS of diapers given to us for our baby shower so we had to use others up as well but non were as good as these!!

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  • momof3nuggets By  momof3nuggets    

    okay but pricey

    Very expensive. If you can afford it, then go for it. Generally work well.

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  • clarefk By  clarefk    

    the perfect diaper for your perfect baby

    just the BEST. i used these with mabel and now am using them with winter. they catch everything. they never give them rashes. they even have a magical strip to tell you when they are wet.

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  • Kayla8908 By  Kayla8908    

    Pampers baby dry diapers

    These diapers have great absorbency and I found the indicator strip on the outside to be very useful in determining whether baby needed a diaper change. However, it certainly is expensive, so I have switched to Baby Dry. I can live without

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  • adegothseir By  adegothseir    

    Love Pampers Swaddler Type!

    I absolutely love the Pampers Swaddlers! I have never had a leak with these. I have tried many different brands as well as the other Pampers types like Baby Dry and Cruisers and the Swaddlers type is by far the best. I have a petite little girl and these work great on her. I believe the swaddlers work best on the smaller sized babies.

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  • IE-mommy By  IE-mommy    

    Best diaper

    Best diapers ever, theyre soft, they hold great and easy to check with color changing line which makes it easy to check a sleeping baby. Cute and fun

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  • JasminBV By  JasminBV    

    I've used all the other pampers but Swaddlers is my favorite it absorbs more than the other ones the only thing I don't like is like the net first cover it has but overall my favorite

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  • yvonneB By  yvonneB    

    Diapers That Really Work

    These by far are my favorite diapers for my little guy. I tried so hard to do cloth diapers with him but he would break out in a rash regardless of any method I tried. I tried to get the "cheaper" diapers but they would leak at nighttime and I just didn't like how stiff the diapers felt. I have always used Pampers Swaddles when my children were newborns, but this is the first time I have used these diapers in the larger sizes. My son is in a size four and I love everything about these diapers, I feel they wick the moisture away from his skin so he gets less rashes. I have noticed the diapers have an absorbency that is far above any diaper we have tried in the past. Yes, they do cost more than other diapers but with coupons and subscription services they are worth it!!

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  • sstory By  sstory    

    Our favorite

    We used Pamper Swaddlers until we shifted to Pampers Cruisers. Swaddlers were the best diaper for when our daughter was less mobile. It kept moisture away from her bottom and we never had issues with diaper rash, blow outs (except for when any diaper would've failed), or leakage. I would recommend them to anyone.

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  • Agibbons07 By  Agibbons07    

    So absorbent and soft

    These were my go to with my babies. Worth the price, these are extremely absorbent and help against diaper rash. My first had very sensitive skin. Swaddlers are great.

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  • kath24p By  kath24p    

    love them

    My daughter is 9 months and we have been using pampers since we were in the hospital. They are great for new parents because the line turns from yellow to blue to let you know the diaper is wet!

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  • morgueofmelissa By  morgueofmelissa    

    These diapers are so absorbent and fit really snug but not too tight. My little gal is really comfortable in these and they're easy to change pretty quickly. Unfortunately they are a bit pricey compared to other brands but we will still buy these when they go on sale. The indicator stripe is very nice but is by no means unique to this brand only.

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  • meganrose9715 By  meganrose9715    

    soft and absorbent

    These are the diapers I used ten years ago with my first and they are my go to now with my youngest. They are super absorbant so I don't worry about changing overnight. The color changing wetness indicator is great but I love the fit and absorbency. They are very soft too.

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  • Santomattei By  Santomattei    

    These were the only pampers I used on my baby for about a month. I love the absorbency and the indicator line. But I started the realize the tabs would come off of some of the pampers. Diapers are to expensive for them to go to Waiste like that. I have been using Huggies for 5 months and have not had that problem yet

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  • TylaBarnes By  TylaBarnes    

    The Best Diapers!

    I love Pampers Swaddler Diapers! My baby's clothes stay dry and clean in these. The diapers hold in everything. It has a wet indicator letting you know if your baby has a wet diaper.

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