Pampers Easy Ups

Pampers Easy Ups

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Big girl in a snap My daughter has sensitive skin she did not break out in a rash. They are easy to pull on and off. She potty trained in 3 days but as a caution I have her wear them over night in case of an accident. I like this product but a bit pricey.

Loved the diapers, but not Easy-ups Pampers Easy ups are the diaper form of underwear. They have stretchy sides instead of tabs like diapers. This does make it easy to get them on and off a baby/toddler. However, when there is poop in them it can get messy. I would not recommend pulling them off, but to rip the sides instead. Some other potty training diaper brands have sides that are stretchy, but also are split on both sides that allows you to pull it a part and reattach similar to velcro and like a diaper making it easier to clean poopy messes and to adjust the waist size if needed. Also if my son peed in them while sleeping he woke up with his clothes and bed soaked. They were ok enough for day time use, but definitely not night time. Also my son's daycare and school required him to have the type with the split sides so we only used these for a little while. We used Pampers since he was born and preferred them to other brands, but when it came to potty training Pampers were no longer the preferred brand for us. For potty training "diapers" in order of cost Huggies was higher than Pampers, but Pampers were higher than Parent Choice(store brand).

Worked for us I found these training pants to be the best for us when potty training my son. They are soft and move with the child. Only leaked out once because things got pointed in the wrong direction. Having Thomas on them was a bonus.

Good The design of this diaper is perfect when my daughter was still on potty training. I dont have problen with the materials too, I never experience that my daughter got allergies from using it. It feels like she is just wearing a normal panty or underwear. Its easy to pull up and down. One thing that I dont like is the size. The size that I got seemed too fit for her on the front and inner thigh. When I get the next size, it was a way bigger for her.

I absolutely love the easy up so comfy for my toddler

Only item pampers makes I could do without. I love pampers. They are my all time favorite diapers and wipes brand. With that being said I'm not a fan of the easy ups. They have always leaked much more than the huggies pull ups. I dont like using huggies diapers but j do use theit pull ups over the easy ups. They are thinner and hardly never leak. The pampers are more thick and bulky and STILL leak nore often than not.

The BEST I absolutely love Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants for Boys! We used these for my son until he was slightly over 2 years old and he did an excellent job with potty training once he had his "big boy pants". I was concerned because he is a heavy wetter, especially at night but the Easy-Ups held up wonderfully throughout the night with no leaks. I put them on a subscription to receive monthly so that we are always dry. These have worked great for our family, so I definitely recommend Pampers Easy-Ups to anyone who has children potty training!

Pampers easy ups are great. I love that both sides stretch and can't pull lose. The absorbency is good and similar to that of a pampers diaper making these great for day time training. My tofu also love the train design on the pull ups.

color is cool we love them they do not leak love them alotttttttttttttttttttttttt

I was not very fond of these gave my kids rashes and didn't seem to hold much.

Waste of money Personally i think theses are way over priced for what little diapers you get. ive used cheaper ones and they work alot better.

Pampers Easy Ups Pampers Easy Ups works well for my son when he was in diaper it much more cheaper than pull ups. So I never bought pull ups at all for my son Because pampers easy ups was really good it's even help with a potty training.

Pampers diapers are the best for babies No rashes no uncomfortable feelings

Much softer than Pull Ups We used these at night and while traveling when my son was potty training. I was impressed how soft and comfortable they are.

Great. Worked great for my youngest, didn't leak through. I would definitely get them again for him.