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  • frisco By  frisco    

    Love this, but I hate the cleaning and upkeep. I like to just throw stuff in dishwasher and go!!

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  • momahen87 By  momahen87    

    Love it I also use for cookies

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  • rgilmore1970 By  rgilmore1970    

    I love my pampered chef pizza stones, I have several shapes and sizes and use them on a regular basis. They can be used for baking cookies as well.

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  • krysavis By  krysavis    

    We don't have a very big kitchen so I got one of these to use for baking anything that goes on a cookie sheet as well as pizza. Love it.

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  • hgoncalves By  hgoncalves    

    I use my stone to bake pizza & the crust never burns on the bottom! I also love to use it for rolls and biscuits.

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  • ahcatgirl By  ahcatgirl    

    We purchased the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone a few years ago, and it is the most used item in our oven. Pizza comes out crispy and evenly cooked! We Love it!

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  • tstrubberg By  tstrubberg    

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pizza stones. The crust is much crisper, and it cooks evenly.

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  • jaxgma By  jaxgma    

    This wonderful pizza stone cooks pizza evenly, and also is great for baking cookies.

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