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  • rubyisabellamcg By  rubyisabellamcg    


    Excellent for banana bread and pumpkin bread! I use this every fall.

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  • Mom2ddm By  Mom2ddm    

    Pampered Chef mini loaves stoneware

    I love Pampered Chef and especially their stoneware! The mini loaves are a must have when baking. They bake evenly and are the perfect size to give away or take on the go. This is one of my favorite baking dishes

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  • tzdelar By  tzdelar    

    LOVE Pampered Chef stoneware! I have this. I don't use it often, but it makes cute small loaves of bread that are a great size for freezing or giving away as gifts!

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  • 10Nana By  10Nana    

    This is my favorite stone...I use it to make banana bread. They cook evenlee and the stone come clean with the scraper. Sometimes I use my wash cloth or brush to get the corner, but is comes clean easy...

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    This is great during the holidays when I make zuchinni bread or pumpkin bread and I can give them out as gifts. The stoneware cooks evenly. It is difficult to clean but I soak it and then scrub it out with a sponge.

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  • ZigZag450 By  ZigZag450    

    I love pampered chef!!! This stone is awesome to make small meat loaves, mini bread loaves ... Just about anything! Gotta love it!

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  • redwardsub By  redwardsub    

    I love mine but check - I think it is being discontinued and/or redesigned soon.

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  • happi23 By  happi23    

    High quality, cooks evenly! Can never go wrong with pampered chef!

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  • christihamlin By  christihamlin    

    At 44 years old, I finally found a meatloaf recipe that I actually like and that all other members of my family love. I'd make one big loaf and they fought over it like ravenous hyenas! I ordered this pan to make my meatloaf and we are a happy, non-animal family again. :-) The pan is great - easy to clean, easy to use, just like all of the other PC stoneware. Love it!!!!

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  • jephaner By  jephaner    

    Pampered Chef is awesome! I used to sell it and love the bakeware. I still use it after all these years. The loaf pan makes all my breads come out the same size and perfect every time!

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  • Lynn4677 By  Lynn4677    

    I'm a pampered chef fan! Love there products. The food cooks evenly through and through - nothing better! Food easily to come out - but with any stone product you must be careful with the soap.

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  • sajsmith21 By  sajsmith21    

    Love this pan. I use it for meats and breads. Makes just the right portion size. Is a pain to clean but worth the effort.

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  • Amy131 By  Amy131    

    Like all PC stoneware, this is high quality and cooks very well. It loses two stars for its' cleaning difficulty! They include the typical stoneware scraper, but it doesn't fit properly into the small loaf spaces.

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