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  • Jean1214 By  Jean1214    

    I loved these so much, when I wore them out, I purchased another one.

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  • Mommytomey By  Mommytomey    

    I use these almost daily. Cuts open those hard plastic sealed items with ease as well as everyday cutting.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    I bought a pair of these a couple of years ago, and they are still super sharp! I use them to cut whole chicken apart, to slice through bunches of celery, or just about anything in the kitchen that I think might be too awkward to do with a knife. My only worry is that the kids might find them one day and accidentally cut off a finger - they can go right through a turkey bone - so keep them up HIGH.

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  • roudabushmom By  roudabushmom    

    Pampered Chef has high quality products. This is yet another example. These work on everything around the kitchen. From meat to vegetables they can cut it all.

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  • recyclefraulein By  recyclefraulein    

    I love my shears. I use them for everything from cutting meat, cutting tops off of popsicles for my granddaughter to cutting open dog food bags. I just love them.

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  • myvoice307 By  myvoice307    

    This gadget is PERFECT for cutting that extra skin off of meat, especially chicken, prior to cooking. It trims the meat exactly the way you want it and is easy to handle, with no problems cutting.

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