Pampered Chef Garlic Press

Pampered Chef Garlic Press

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Love, love, love the garlic press! Makes cooking with garlic so much easier! Peel comes right off...can't explain it! You just have to try it!

The last garlic mincer you will ever need! I love this tool. No new to peel the garlic. Just throw in this squeeze it and done. It's easy to clean and comes with a little to brush to help clean out what gets stuck. Love this tool!

LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I was made fun of when I purchased it (why not just buy minced garlic?), but you know what, I will never regret it. I bought this over 10 years ago, and it's extremely durable. I use more fresh garlic in my cooking than I ever would have without it. It's incredibly easy to use, and easy/quick to clean up, too. I love that there is no prep peeling or anything. Just stick the clove in and press. It's awesome!

Best. Tool. Ever. Durable, easy. Fresh garlic without preservatives of the minced garlic in a jar. You get the natural garlic oil, great taste, and the press is dishwasher safe. It comes with a little tool tucked inside the handle to press out any stubborn pieces left behind. Best of all - NO peeling the garlic. NO having hands that SMELL like you're trying to ward off vampires.

works wonderfully and is well made

Yes, it presses garlic which is so much easier than cutting it all up. However, garlic seems to get stuck in mine all the time.

I love this product! It's an amazing kitchen tool. It's so easy to use. Just put a piece of garlic in it and press down. It squeezes little bits out and is great for all sorts of dishes. I use it for chili, bean soup, pasta sauce and lots more!

This is the best garlic press,it is large which makes it easy to clean and press larger pieces of garlic at once. I purchased a few as gifts because I love mine so much.I have another that is smaller and I have the hardest time cleaning it,this is used all the time in my house !

i love it! works amazing and easy to clean!

I have tried many different garlic presses at family and friends houses and none ever compare to my papered chef one. It is always the easiest and it feels so well made. I have had mine for over 5 years and it still works like new!

Garlic is my go-to herb for almost all of my meals. However, I don't like the smell on my hands. The garlic press makes it easy for me to use garlic but keeps me from smelling like it all day. It is very easy to use and to clean.

Best garlic press ever! It's worth spending the money on it. All the ladies in my family own one now!

No complaints about this press. It does the job and does the job better than other presses I have tried. I always peel the garlic - but that may just be habit. It has a good weight and I can use it even when my hands are achey. My favorite thing about it is the little cleaner tool that comes with it that snaps to the handle when you are done - it make it possible to get all the garlic leftovers out of the press with out getting your fingers all garlicky.

Best garlic press ever made, you dont even have to peel the garlic before putting it in. Saves so much time.

This is the best garlic press I have ever used!