Pampered Chef Cookie Scoop

Pampered Chef Cookie Scoop

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This is the only way I like to prepare my cookies for baking. This scoop is very nice, but, I am spoiled by the other 2 sizes that I have, because I bought them at a specialty cooking store. This coop isn't as heavy or sturdy as my other two, but, it serves its purpose. I am just more gentle with it.

Perfect sized cookies! I have friends that use them when they make biscuits as well! And the dough comes out clean every time!

I use this everytime I am baking a drop cookie. It makes all of my cookies uniform and cook evenly. It is durable and can go right into the diswasher.

I would love to try this. I have never even heard of this. Where would I be able to purchase this?

I have had this scoop and all the different size scoops from Pampered Chef for a number of years. I can't imagine living without them! They wash up well though I do have to admit I have a tendency to 'baby' all of my good cooking utensils and never put them in the dishwasher. The scoops perfectly measure out cookie dough so once your done baking, all your cookies are uniform and look lovely on a platter. I also use the scoops to make perfect size balls of watermelon and cantaloupe, etc. Makes the job muchhhh easier!

Love these scoops (I have every size!) - they make all of the cookies the same size - which is great because I make cookie trays at Christmas. The small one makes perfectly sized peanut butter balls. My only complaint - my husband keeps using the big one for ice cream - drives me crazy!

I use my pampered chef scoops all of the time. I use them for cookies and muffins. They are easy to clean and very easy to use.

This makes baking cookies so much easier. All of your cokies come out the same size, so you dont have big raw cookies and small burned ones. And you never have to get your hands all goopy from the dough.

I stole this from my mom at Christmastime when I was making cookies for my husband's work. The cookie scoop is perfect for making the just right size cookie. It also made scoping out the cookie dough so much easier and faster.

Perfect for making uniform size cookies!

I use this for cookies, muffins, cupcake, or just about anything with batter. It makes everything come out even.

This is one of the best things that I've purchased from Pampered Chef. I love to make cookies and these make it easier to make the cookies one size. Everything stays clean and easy for help from the budding chefs. Love it!!

Absolutely love this. I use it to make cookies. I really love that when I finish, my hands are not ful of cookie dough. I can make the cookies without the mess

I absolutely love my scoop. Perfect for cookies, filling cupcake pans and many more uses I'm sure. I would recommend this to anyone!

Love this little scoop. It makes all my cookies unform in size. It is also dishwasher safe. I definitely recommend this to all bakers.