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  • carrotop13 By  carrotop13    

    This little guy comes in so handy! I love using it to strain out cans of tuna, it keeps the lid from bending!

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  • manderin4783 By  manderin4783    

    This is an item that you would never think you would want until you see it. I always hate opening cans and straining them with the lids because they can be dirty. This product allows you to completely remove the top of the can and strain the contents. The strainer is small and dishwasher safe.

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  • hjmt555 By  hjmt555    

    this is another great product from Pampered chef, I use it a couple a times a week, for staining canned goods to squeezing the "juice" out of tuna, very handy product.

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  • TLDobbs77 By  TLDobbs77    

    Not the biggest fan. Just not worth what you pay.

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  • JBbrom By  JBbrom    

    this is an ok product. does what it should. most of the time it just takes up space in my drawer because I rarely use canned veggies or fruit. bought this for draining black beans and it works really well for that.

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  • itsmere By  itsmere    

    This is a nifty little gadget that saves food from escaping from the can while trying to drain it. No more corn and peas down the drain! It is great for straining the juice out of fruit cans also, like pineapple. I love drinking the juice! Its small and lightweight, so it doesn't take up much room in the utinsel drawer.

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  • Impurrfection By  Impurrfection    

    This strains pretty well. My only issue is that a later design of this is one fits bigger mouth cans and small bowls. However, being I have this one and most of the cans that I do buy fits this, that isn't too much of a concern. I like how it fits in the drawer with my other utensils and is easy to pull out and use. And I like my tuna fish dry, so I am able to squeeze the water out really really well with this strainer.

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  • TheChicky By  TheChicky    

    This handy strainer fits over the top of a can to easily strain out the liquids. I use it for EVERYTHING in a can... tuna, pineapple, black beans,etc. You can pop it into the dishwasher and it doesn't take up a lot of room like the big colander would. It's extremely handy to have around.

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