Pampered Chef Baking Stones

Pampered Chef Baking Stones

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The Pampered Chef Baking Stones are a must have for every kitchen! They are perfect for all foods, and they do not harbor bacteria, therefore you can make fish then wash the stone in hot water (no soap is to be used on the stones as it can cause a greasy build up) then make cookies, and your cookies will not taste fishy. The deep covered baker is my favorite PC Stoneware piece, although I do love them all!

I don't know how I could live/cook/bake without my PC stones! I have them in several shapes and sizes - small ones can be used in microwave (great for reheating pizza without getting soggy) or the toaster oven. I've even gotten my husband hooked on them - he reaches for the appropriate stoneware before anything else.

LOVE the stoneware! i have the LARGE round one an i have literally made EVERYTHING on it! meatloaf, bread, pizza cooks my food evenly too :D thats a PLUS with 3 children!

I have used the large rectangle bar pan for years. I'm on my 3rd one because I broke my first two; however, they still lasted me a very long time (way past the warranty) so I was happy with the amount of time I got with them. You have to be very careful when setting them down because my first one broke when I set it down a little too hard. My second one broke when I accidentally left on a burner and set my pan down on it. (That was a loud "crack"!!). I highly recommend you not do that ;). I love baking on these WAY better than any metal pan. The bottom of cookies and biscuits bake way better. I've put a metal pan and one of these in the oven at the same time with the same thing on them, and the ones on the metal pan burned while the others baked evenly.

Great for cooking but stain easily

I have a pampered chef pizza baking stone that I use all the time! They are especially great for cookies, though I have to wait til the cookies cool enough to remove them, then put the next batch in, so it would be helpful (time-wise, not cost-wise) to have multiples of these.

This is a great dish to learn how to cook /bake in. It really cooks dishes all the way through with no burning at the edges.

Pizza stone the way to go...

These stone products from Pampered Chef are AMAZING only after you've baked on them several times. Without the stone being seasoned, it's far too porous. I have several pieces and they are all at different stages in seasoning but the bar pans are awesome now because I've used them so much. They bake evenly and stay true to the oven temp. I highly recommend them, but don't give up on them until they are "broken in"!!!


I didn't find mine to be that great. I switched to using silpat baking sheets. Cookies come off it clean without oil to pan.

I only bake on stones. And i try a store brand one after breaking my pizza stone. Nothing compares to Pampered chef stones.

I just love pampered matter what they make. My favorite is the pizza stone. Using it tonight. Bring home a ready made pizza crust, top with whatever I can.....enjoy!

The stone is great for even baking. It's not a conductor like aluminum, which gets hotter *than* the temperature in the oven. The stone remains the same temperature as the oven, so it's a great baking device. They have many stone products including the bar pan, and round stone. You can look up receipes for the Bar Pan on the Pampered Chef website too!

This is definately a must have. It makes cookies turn out just perfect