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  • ncdebbieb By  ncdebbieb    

    Probably one of my least favorite things I've purchased from Pampered Chef (1st being a springform pan). Although it works somewhat like it should, if you don't have it lined up right, you find you have to recore. I'm not a fan of baked apples so keeping the apple intact is not an issue for me. I'll that a knife any day. That being said...I LOVE pretty much everything else I've gotten from Pampered Chef. It's all just a matter of trial and error and individual preference.

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  • Chele13 By  Chele13    

    We love eating in our apples in our house, from baking them with a lil cinnamon on top to making fresh homemade applesauce, this tool is wonerful in cutting down on the prep time.

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  • breezy123 By  breezy123    

    LOve this product but I love the one that cores and slices!

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  • porter96 By  porter96    

    I love this apple corer. It makes packing lunches so easy. I can't image how we ever lived without it.

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