Palmolive Soft Touch Classic

Palmolive Soft Touch Classic

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Shiny and clean dishes So glad that it's not watered down good for skin makes dishes easier super tough on grease and stuck on good I didn't even have to soak the pans this time

smells good.... Only thing I liked about this product was the smell of it. I needed to use a lot more of it to get the same result as of my normal soap. For the price I would need to buy twice as much and spend more than my original soap so I went back to that.

I have rough skin so I thought this would be the perfect product for me. Unfortunately, I think I was better off with the normal Palmolive. However, I have talked to other women and they say the product works great and it cleans well without damaging their hands. I suppose my hands are too far gone for the help!

Not my favorite dishwash soap, but definitely leaves my hands soft.

So, this stuff works really well. I have 3 kids so it seems like most of my day is washing dishes!! My hands were very soft and it got all my dishes clean. Wish they had it in a different scent!

This is my back up dish detergent I go to. I like the texture and it really does make my hands feel softer. Smells nice also.

Cleans so well and doesn't dry out hands. Love the brand. Decent pricing. Love the scents. Consistency is thick but not too thick. But doesn't Sud up enough unless you use a lot.

this is one of the stops that I use daily in Queens very well and it also keeps your hands moisturize. I hate fine soaps that leave your hands dry and cracked

Dont love the smell!

Yes very soft hands!

soft hands

have used this new hand softening dishwashing liquid for few months now and notice difference in smoothness on my hands.

This is good detergent and it really gets the grease stains out(:

This keeps my hands soft

doesn't have the sudsy quality of other detergents but it is a little less expensive