Palmolive Fresh Sponge Dish Soap

Palmolive Fresh Sponge Dish Soap

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I LOVE THIS SOAP!!!The scent alone is fabulous! I'm very picky about scents. Its not overly floral or perfumed its just a clean smell. It lathers great and cleans dishes great! I soak my sponges in them and throw them in the dishwasher once a week. I ONLY use this dish soap

My mother uses no other dish-washing soap. It leaves the dishes squeaky clean. I usually find them for sale at my local rite aid or other drug store. With this a little goes a a long way, it lasts for a while. Not harsh on hands.

We love this stuff! We don't wash our dishes with it so much as we just wash our sponges with it. I like to leave them soaking in a bowl of hot water mixed with these suds and then let the sponges air dry on a rack. They never smell moldy and the sponges seem to last much longer than before we started using this stuff.

I generally purchase Palmolive dish soap for my household and I love it. It comes in really good scents and it actually cleans my dishes without leaving any form of residue.

Works well and don't need alot as it definitely does the job! The scent is not a favorite of mine but I love the product.

I really like this product so far. I just moved into an apartment that doesn't have a dishwasher. I am still going to try other brands. But this one isn't bad. It gets the job done. I do have dry spots left on my silverware after.

Did help with sponge smell but was not a fan of how the actual product smelled. It also dried out my hands a bit.

I love this product makes a lot of suds and I like that to make sure my dishes are clean and it has antibacterial as well

prayers answered when I saw this in stores! I hated the smell of dishwashing sponges no matter how many times you change it out it always has that funky smell. This dish soap makes such a difference and I love how it degunks my dishes leaving them sparkling! a little goes a long way.

Smell good and does a great work on tuf this product

great stuff. i have always like Palmolive ever since Madge.

This is a great soap to use. Just a little bit of drop on a sponge and will clean your dishes very well. I like the scent it leaves after each use.

There are proven downsides to "antibacterial" products I'm just not comfortable with, Ill pass on a second try for this product. It replace my sponge weekly, recycling the used one.

OMG this stunk soooo bad. Everytime i washed the dishes i wanted to gag. Would definitely not buy it again.

With two kids, dishes seem to pile up in the sink. I am constantly washing dishes. One of the reasons I tend to use the dishwasher over hand washing is the nasty smell of my sponge. NO ONE wants to wash dishes with a sponge that smells like mildew. I was tossing my sponges away every week. NOW with Palmolive the sponge still smells fresh and clean at the end of the week! Palmolive Fresh Sponge was designed as a dual-action cleans your dishes, but also keeps the sponge clean (washing away odor causing residue from the sponge). A little goes a long way... so start cleaning! I love, love, love this dish soap! I tossed out my stinky sponge and started fresh & new!