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  • chickmomma By  chickmomma    

    This phone was okay at first, but I have only had it a year and it is already going haywire on me. I wish I had done more research before committing to this phone. It freezes up a lot and you can be pushing one thing and it pulls up another. Plus the battery dies way too quickly.

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  • gapeach021982 By  gapeach021982    

    I enjoy this phone a lot! However I find that a lot of times it freezes and I have to restart it.

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  • reeder2424 By  reeder2424    

    First time on she speaks and i heard this phone rocks....wouldnt mind getting one...come on

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  • CashJontel By  CashJontel    

    I love this phone. Really does compete well with iphone

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  • jen6celica By  jen6celica    

    Worst phone I've ever had. ZERO battery life, limited apps, slow response time, need to press a million things just to make a phone call, slow internet. Just awful

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  • sunkistmas By  sunkistmas    

    I absolutely LOVE my Palm Pre. My previous phone was a Moto Q that had a keyboard and I just go so used to texting with that keyboard and now I love my Pre's keyboard even more. I can text, email, check facebook & update my status' all from my phone on the go. I recently converted from Microsoft outlook to Google Calendar, Gmail & Contacts, this is awesome because my Palm Pre supports this and will sync directly w/Google online! This is so helpful to keep me organized on the go w/my toddler! :)

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