Palin Accepts Letterman's Latest Apology

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Palin Accepts Letterman's Latest Apology

After a couple of attempts at apologizing for a joke he made in bad taste, David Letterman has been forgiven.  The New York Associated Press recently reported that Gov. Sarah Palin has publicly accepted Letterman’s apology for making a sexual joke targeted at her daughter.  Though Letterman may be out of the headlines for the moment, his sexist remarks have drawn criticism from more than just an upset parent.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) has been instrumental in drawing attention to the dangers Letterman’s remarks pose to women.  Letterman joked on his show that Gov. Palin’s daughter “was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez” during a recent trip to a New York baseball game and that Gov. Palin had a hard time “keeping Elliot Spitzer away from her daughter.”  NOW discusses on their website how Letterman contributes to exploitation of women by saying, “The sexualization of girls and women in the media is reaching new lows these days ? it is exploitive and has a negative effect on how all women and  girls are perceived and how they view themselves.”

David Letterman first responded to criticism by apologizing for the jokes, but adding that he never meant the remarks to be targeted at Palin’s younger daughter, Willow (who is only 14), but rather at her 18-year-old daughter, Bristol.  The media soon shot back that this was not really an apology and that Letterman only clarified who he targeted the offensive remarks at.

David Letterman’s second, more serious, apology appeared to be brought on by protestors who called to have him fired.  The protestors, who formed outside the Letterman studio, were so well organized that they even have a website called  The website is still actively reporting on the recent media attention Letterman’s jokes have received. 

Gov. Palin accepted Letterman’s second apology before adding, “on behalf of all young women, like my daughters, who hope men who ?joke’ about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve.”

What do you think of the jokes David Letterman made about Gov. Palin’s daughter?

Do you think Letterman’s jokes warranted all of the negative press they received?


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  • Indica66 By Indica66

    I think she has less to worry about in Letterman, than with her former soon to be son-in-law, Levi, who has been courted by the media, made up to be some hunky fashionista, and who is coming out with a tell-all book. The problem is, is that we reward this lichen, and ignore the people who actually have intelligence and who could actually improve lives by being brought into the forefront. I am so tired of even knowing she exists. And the whole Palin circus, including Levi. Enough already they are the LAST bunch I would look to in order to learn family values.

  • cyndi21 By cyndi21

    Take the L out of Palin and that is just what she is, a big pain. I think they blew this way out of proportion. The only reason I'm glad that Letterman apologized was to put this whole thing behind us. Men will always says stupid things especially about women and then realize later what they did. No woman will ever change that. I think Palin made too big of a deal out of it. She's the one who put her family in the spotlight. She should be prepared to deal with it. Oh wait, she's not. That's why she resigned as Governor! :-)

  • sandz4321 By sandz4321

    The Palin children learn from their parents. If its ok for mommy and daddy to have sex before they are married and have to get married because mommy's pregnant, then its ok for the kids. Although the children (under 18) should be left out of the garbage the media/tv dishes out, Mommy Palin brought the WHOLE family into the political arena. I don't know what she expected would happen.

  • junconventional By junconventional

    While I am not a Sarah Palin lover - she did what a parent was supposed to do. She did ask for the spotlight and if David Letterman wants to take shots at her, so be it. Hilary Clinton did the same thing for Chelsea (Saturday Night Live) and she put her foot down/no one said anything to her. Families of celebrities and politicians should be kept out of the mix.

  • momismyname By momismyname

    Sarah chose to be in the public eye and she knew this would put her family in the limelight with her. I didn't think the joke was one of David Letterman's best, but I do believe Palin used this as an opportunity to keep herself in the news. Why else would she want to bring more attention to her daughters?

  • stsunflowers By stsunflowers

    I feel sorry for Palin, being in the public eye

  • larralu By larralu

    As a politian i like Palin but I think she is a major bomb as a mother. Bristol is to blame for alot of her mothers problems. I dont think that I could handle a daughter that doesn't realize sex is not for teenagers. Apparently Neither could Sarah! Dave should have NEVER apologized for calling it like he saw it.

  • cabingirl By cabingirl

    Michelle Obama and her daughter were at a baseball game, one of the players hit a homerun with Obama's daughter! Is that funny to anyone out there? I'm Point rested.

  • candaceg By candaceg

    Letterman's jokes were disgusting and women are TIRED of being treated like objects to be used by men. I applaud Sarah Palin for nailing him on it and I am not her fan. I think the press is just a tool of the public that operates in reactionary mode. No, the press did not spend too much time on the story. Letterman took action to quiet the criticism. I also applaud Letterman for apologizing. That's all he can do after his words have been voiced. It was a careless slip on his part.


    I think that any woman with a daughter cannot honestly say that she WOULD NOT be offended by those comments. I think all political issues aside, this was a comment made in very poor taste. The media has gotten by with slamming this family and has not been called to issue on it, so he thought he could get by with it. I am pleased that many women made a stink about this. As a mother of a very young impressionable young lady, I would hate for her to think that it's ok for Americas views to be so misguided wihen it comes to women. I agree that anyone should be able to disagree with her politicaly, but this is just distasteful. And I too, am glad it's finally over!

  • Lindaman22 By Lindaman22

    I hope to G-d that this dies now. Palin and Letterman were both shamelessly looking for publicity. Palin because she lost the spotlight and Letterman for his battle with Conan. It was so orchestrated, I'm embarrrassed for the two of them...

  • katia1247 By katia1247

    I believe it was in bad taste, although I also believe the whole back and forth bickering to be nothing more than a platform for Palin to rally her fans. It is amazing to me that Rush Limbaug can call Chelsea Clinton "the white house dog" and not be fired from his network! Chelsea Clinton was much younger that Palin's daughter when the remark was made. The "moral majority/family values base" didn't rise up in arms over that remark!!

  • Ladysteeler By Ladysteeler

    I didn't see where harm came in to play. I think she wanted attention again. If tht hurt her so bad, just imagine how she felt when she found out her daughter was screwing around.

  • patience By patience

    It seems to me that Palin will do almost anything to remain in the spotlight. I don't care for her uncaring attitude toward wildlife, so I guess that makes me prejudice. So be it.

  • madeinmt By madeinmt

    I think everyone who is so offended by this needs to get a life and get a grip. Imagine if the women who organized would pool their money and efforts toward an actual worthy cause...

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