Pain is Good Jalapeno Wasabi Hot Sauce

Pain is Good Jalapeno Wasabi Hot Sauce

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My stomach can longer tolerate these types of food. However......... just reading the name made my mouth water, and my stomach growl. I would (in the day) have loved this item. It sounds sooooooooooo good. I 'imagine' it would be good on eggs, on potatoes, you name it, it would enhance whatever one was eatting. Wonder if it might be good with vanilla ice cream. sigh........

My brother gave this to me as a Christmas gift years ago and I became hooked on the brand. I've since discovered that the manufacturer of the Pain is Good line, Original Juan, is local to Kansas City. I now visit their outlet store frequently. Their other products are awesome too! The jalapeno wasabi sauce isn't very spicy, but has an excellent flavor and is really good on chicken.