Packit Freezable Personal Cooler Lunch Box

Packit Freezable Personal Cooler Lunch Box

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I loved the idea of using this lunch box because I liked that it was covered by Frozen liquid because you could put the entire thing in the freezer. The only negative that I could find with this lunch box is that because it was soft, the items that are in the lunch box get squished. If you put the items in a tupperware container so they don't get squashed, depending on your container they might not fit in the bag because it is rather small. But it did keep everything nice and cool!

this has been my go to lunch bag for the past 2 years for my son. It keeps his food cold all day. I usually put yogurts and cheeses in his bag with out concern. Definitely a must have for back to school!

Cool !! I don't mind trying it out :)

Devleoped by a Mom this is the coolest (pun intended) lunch box ever. It is made with and Eco-gel liner that freezes. Your kids lunch or your's with stay cold for up to 10 hours. It fold for east storage and comes in many patterns.