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  • olesyaaaa By  olesyaaaa    

    I like it

    It smells amazing, there's other options I like better, but the price goes perfect for these wipes, pretty soft on the skin.

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  • simplefrenchbeauty By  simplefrenchbeauty    

    This product is extremely convenient for on the go gals and the moisturizing wipes are non-greasy and smell incredible. They are a quick after shower moisture surge and I just love it! They are especially great for moisturizing chafed elbows and knees in the summertime. The only issue is that I found the wipes dried out somewhat easily.

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  • rainieen By  rainieen    

    I can't stand greasy lotions. I will walk a mile around just to avoid a greasy lotion...wait...what?! Whoever thought up "lotion wipes" must have been spying on me because I feel like this product was MADE for me. For the most part, I don't even like applying regular (non-greasy) lotion. I first spotted these in the impulse bins at Ulta and grabbed the last one. The scent I got was "Malibu Lemon Blossom" there are others and I kind of wish that there were options at the time but, I don't hate the smell. They are super convenient although the sticker that keeps them in (and moist I guess) keeps falling off. I can't tell if they are actually moisturizing my skin though or if it's all in my head because I just love the concept of lotion wipes so much. Either way, I absolutely love how convenient they are plan on purchasing more!

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