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  • MmeIszler By  MmeIszler    

    Pacifica is the bees knees

    Pacifica always has the best products! My eyes felt renewed and refreshed after using these eye patches. I saw an improvement in the skin under my eyes - more evened color and less puffy.

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  • hariharian By  hariharian    

    Lightening but not Magic

    I used these incorrectly (didn't take off the mesh/sticker), and it still kind of worked! It was lightening, but I still have dark circles and bags. However, as someone with warm yellow undertones, a lot of lightening under eye products I've used lighten the skin rather than circles, so it looks bruised, and this didn't do that, so I was impressed. I thought that it had a faint coconut scent like other Pacifica products I've had, and they're reasonably priced. Would try (properly!) in the future!

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