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  • Pkathuria By  Pkathuria    

    Loved the texture

    I recently bought these and pretty impressed with these. Love the color and its so smooth on my lips. I gifted this to my sister as well and she also loved it.

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  • chajo55 By  chajo55    

    Lip Balm

    The colors are very pretty they are like a lip balm, has a little bit of color. I like them.

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  • cutemom By  cutemom    

    Nice definition! Rich color in your lips. I recommend this one.

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  • raquelslaughter By  raquelslaughter    

    I am a huge fan of lip crayons for the way they glide on like butter. I just wish this one had color that lasted a little longer than what it does. The color is great though when you first apply it.

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  • cupcakegirl850 By  cupcakegirl850    

    smooth and pigmented nice colors over all nice but not life changing

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  • fifi_castillo By  fifi_castillo    

    I received a few of these on my beauty subscriptions and fell in love! I have coral crush a light pink one and a few others . I always keep them in my purse to wear every day Totally worth the $ and I receive compliments all the time

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  • Lizzy6359 By  Lizzy6359    

    I love it .... it make my lip so good my man love it on me ...

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  • kungpaosmurf By  kungpaosmurf    

    I have this in Coral Crush. The color doesn't suit me, and I'm not fond of the formula, either. The color is pigmented, but it is almost waxy, in that you can't really sheer it out. It's either there or it's not. It's not creamy, and seems to sit on top of lips and really accentuate every fine line.

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  • Edelweiss227 By  Edelweiss227    

    Although the color is not my favorite it is an acceptable lip crayon. It does stay on for a decent amount of time, but I would rather use the CoverGirl crayon or a normal lipstick, simply based on feel and POW factor.

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