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About the Product

American ExpressSM recently launched a prepaid Card for parents to give teens and young adults. PASS is an alternative to cash, debit, and credit and can be used where American Express® Cards are accepted*, including online and at ATMs. PASS provides peace of mind for parents and a secure way for teens to pay for the things they want and need.


PASS comes with several Cardmember benefits for both parents and teens, including:

  • Funds replaced if lost or stolen
  • Ability to track spending
  • No impact to teen’s credit history
  • Ability to set up auto reloads
  • Access to budgeting tips and financial tools

*PASS cannot be used at cruise lines, casinos or for car rentals.

PASS References:

PASS Card Small
  • "Card" is always capitalized when referring to PASS
  • On the first mention the product, use "PASS from American Express®"
  • On the first first use on a screen, use "PASSSM Card" Afterwards, "PASS Card"

About Disclosures

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