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Convenient and Safe

(posted March 24, 2011)

Stop worrying about your teen losing their PASS Card. If the Card is ever lost or stolen, just call American Express Customer Service immediately and you and your teen will not be held responsible for fraudulent charges and American Express will replace the funds.

Have you ever lost your wallet? If so, tell us how you went about getting everything replaced.

Reloading Your Card

(posted February 22, 2011)

We received your feedback and several members have had questions about reloading their PASS Cards. Follow the steps below to reload your Card:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the orange LOG IN for parents button, on the left hand side of the page
  3. Enter your login information
  4. On your account page, under the "My PASS Cardmembers" bar choose the user account you want to load funds on. Click the "Load Funds" link on the right hand side of the user’s box.
  5. Enter the Amount To Load, hit Continue, and you’re done!

How often do you reload your teen’s PASS Card?

Test Your Family Shopping Smarts

(posted January 31, 2010)

Do you and your teen play that game when shopping? You know, the one where you each guess the price of an item before flipping over the tag? Today is the day to test that skill with the PASS SHOPPER SHOWDOWN. To play this interactive game, first establish a virtual allowance* and then start shopping for monthly staples/must-haves. The trick is to do it without going over budget. PLAY NOW

The SHOPPER SHOWDOWN is a virtual simulation of how the PASS Card works. You load a balance, access budgeting tools and tips, use the allowance to purchase items, track spending online, receive text-message and email alerts, reload when the balance gets low, and have no risk of overdraft fees.

The prepaid, reloadable PASS Card is a secure and convenient way to give your teens the money they need. It is an alternative to debit or credit that?s safer than cash. There is no long-term commitment and you are not responsible for fraudulent charges. The PASS provides your teen with access to discounted online shopping and music portals, helping them make the most of their monthly allowance.

We look forward to hearing about your SHOPPER SHOWDOWN experience.


Is Your Teen Studying/Traveling Abroad?

(posted, January 12, 2010)

Bye, Bye Travelers Checks, hello PASS! Before your teen goes abroad you do the normal sit down of estimating their budget for the trip; local travel, food, laundry, excursions, etc. What comes next the hard part - How does your teen access that money? Cash gets lost, most ATMs will charge a service fee, and credit card information can be stolen.PASS is one of the safest and most convenient ways for your teen to carry money while overseas.

You can provide your teen with a monthly allowance on their PASS Card ( to help them stay on budget. In addition, if your teen is ever in a jam, you can upload additional funds to their PASS Card without having to go through the expensive and timely process of wiring money to an overseas affiliate.

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PASS helps your teen spend less and give more

(posted December 30, 2010)

PASS Rewards Mall and Music Store portals provide your teen with discounts and special offers at hundreds of merchants and on their favorite artists. Plus, American ExpressSM makes a charitable donation for all eligible Rewards Mall purchases.

Teach Your Teenagers About Financial Responsibility

(posted December 21, 2010)

Does your teen understand the ins-and-outs of managing money? Does your teen include saving money for their hobbies or trips they want to take in how they budget their monthly allowance? Guide your teen’s future financial-decisions in the right direction by providing them with money managing tools early on.

Why Not Credit/Debit?

(posted December 13, 2010)

Unlike a debit or credit card, teens can only spend what’s preloaded on the Card. There is no risk of overdraft fees for your teen, and PASS can’t impact your teen’s credit.

Why Is American ExpressSM Asking For Your
Personal Information?

(posted December 8, 2010)

When you apply for your PASS Card, you’ll be asked for personal information including your Social Security number to verify your identity. American ExpressSM is required to do so by law. To fund and reload your card, they’ll need your bank account number or credit information, but not to worry, this is a secure process you control. Be sure you have that information available when you apply. PASS adheres to the privacy standards of American ExpressSM. You can be assured that your personal information will be protected and secured.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Card?

(posted December 2, 2010)

PASS Cards

Please allow up to two weeks to receive your PASS Card. How long it takes to get your Card depends on several factors. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing in addition to your selected shipping method. Photo/image upload requires an additional 1-2 business days, and if you chose to fund the PASS Card with a bank account, the verification process requires an incremental 3-4 business days.

What Is Pass?

(posted November 29, 2010)

The PASS Card is a prepaid, reloadable Card for parents to give to teens. It is a secure and convenient way to give your teens the money they need. It’s not a credit or debit card and it’s safer than cash. Plus, Parents can add funds 24/7, track spending online, set up automatic reloads, and even receive e-mail alerts about PASS Card activity.