P. D. Eastman (Dr. Seuss Beginner Books) Are You My Mother?

P. D. Eastman (Dr. Seuss Beginner Books) Are You My Mother?

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My toddler loves the book We have many dr Sue's book buy my little one really loves this one for him it's fun he loves to discuss each page and it's happy when they find the mother I say definitely a book for toddlers

Great Book Always loved these books when I was little. Now I read them to my kids. Easy words for kids to learn. The rhymes are catchy .

Great book to give at baby showers instead of card. One of the first books that my granddaughter ever received.

I love this book! It such a cute story! When I read this book to my preschoolers it's so amazing because they sit thru the whole story! I use a cute little voice for the little bird and the kids just love it! We read it over and over! I recommend this book for any toddler and preschooler!

Great, classic book. My daughter is 1 and she loves this story. We have been reading it to her since she was a newborn baby!

Funny voices My husband and I tried to read with expression and use different voices during our daily bedtime reading sessions with our daughter, and Are You My Mother? was (and still is) one of our favorites due to the various characters. Even though she is now almost 10 years old, my daughter still loves the book, but now she reads the book with us, mostly to demonstrate how the voices should have sounded.

Favorite children's book For both of my girls that now have children of their own this book was always their favorite. They could recite every line. Don't know where their copy went but when they had children they both got a copy.

Love it Still one of the most poignant and beautiful children's books out there. I'll never forget having read it as a kid.

As a grandmother now, I have read this book 100's of times! To my 4 children over so many years and now to my 17 month old grandson who already has a love of books! It is such a great story that kids can really get in to. I love the intensity that they listen, waiting to hear that the little bird has found his mother. I have also given this as a baby shower gift as well as used in various themed crafts I do with some special toddler friends! It's truly a classic for all ages and genders!

D. Suess books are great for children. My grandsons have always love me to read all Dr. Suess books to them.

What an adorable book! Shows an adorable baby bird looking for his mother, classic story for years!

Super cute book...it was my sons favorite book when he was little!

Awesome book! Great story!!

This is such a cute book! My daughter loved it at age 2 and still loves it at age 6, and so do I!

Another of my daughter's favorites. She loves when I read this book to her...we always end with me asking her if I'm her mother! Love ti!!