P C Cast and Kristin Cast Marked

P C Cast and Kristin Cast Marked

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Love the whole series I finished Destined and not once had to story went boring or off course, Nonstop action

I tried to read this series but it had way too much cussing in it for me. I thought it would be like all the other vampire books but I didn't read very much to find out.

An excellent series that gives an unique look at vampires. I love this series and have read the books several times.

decent book but the series got old. there where just to many books in this series. i liked the characters and i liked the story line but it was a bit juvenile. the slang was very anoying and i thought that the main character whined way to much. it was a decent read but it wasnt amazing by any stretch of the imagination.

I love these books i have everyone in the series and can not wait untill the next book comes out next week. If you have not read this book and you like vampire novels you should deffinatly read this one

I loved this series and anxiously await the next book due out in January. I read them along with my daughter. At first it was a little slow but as you got into the series it grabbed your attention and kept you wanting more!

I absolutely love this series! Like everyone has said, this book is about a girl, Zoey, who gets MARKED to become a "vampyre." She has to leave her regular high school and move to the House of Night, a vampyre school. While there Zoey makes new friends, new enemies, finds romance, and discovers that she's not your average fledgling (student). I would definitely recommend this book to older teens. It has some language and sexual content in it that shouldn't be read by anyone under 16. Other than that, I love this series! It's a must read for anyone who loves the vampire craze! lol

I agree with the original review on this book. It was a bit annoying in the beginning and tough to get through and then after the first couple of chapters I was embarassingly hooked. I will say that the authors writing style improved greatly throughout the series

I like the concept, but it wasn't enough to hold me and when i got to the second book or the third (i can't quite remember) it was turning into one of those series where there was a love triangle. I'm just kind of tired of the concept of one girl and many boys fighting for her. Of course that is not what the whole story is about so I gave Marked three stars.

Really enjoy this series, very different.

Another series making a profit off the vampire craze. It's not bad, but it's not the best I have read. This series has a different approach to the whole vampiric myth, which is nice for a change. I don't like that the writers try to mimic teenage behaviors by adding little mental asides from the main character in parenthesis and then had "hee hee" to them. It makes the writing a bit childish. These books are a good way to pass a lazy afternoon where the most you want to think about is how much lemonade you have left in your glass.

once you get into this book, it is hard to put down. so far there are 5 books in the series and since I am on 5...I am hoping that #6 comes out soon. love it.

Both my daughter (12) and I started to read the book - but quickly put it down. Personally, there are just too many vampire books out there in the young adult or teen genres that just aren't well written. With a house full of pre-teens and teens who try a lot of these books, I'm glad to see they're intelligent enough to see the difference between quality writing and those who try to make a quick buck by jumping on the bandwagon....

I was a bit disappointed when I started reading this book. It had a lot of teen slang that I've never heard/seen in a book before and just started getting annoying. Luckily it only last for a couple chapters and started becoming a book that I had a hard time putting down. It is a book that I think teens will definitely enjoy and has a few references to oral sex, which is kind of unexpected when it was written by a mother and her daughter. It is about a teen girl who gets "marked" by a vampyre (that's how it's spelt in the book) and has to move to a school to learn how to prepare for when she changes, if she makes it that far. Some people make it thru the change and others don't and will die. It has the usual good vs evil, but has a few unexpected things happen along the way. Though I was disappointed in the beginning, I am looking forward to reading the next book in the A House of Night series.