OxiClean   Max Force Gel Stick

OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick

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This oxiclean stick works wonders. I love that it has taken out any stain i have put it on a red mistery stain on a blue shirt and super glue on my husbands nice work polo to name a few i was amaized!

Removes stains and worries What would I do without my oxi clean gel stick?!?!?! With a 2 yr old who I think is so precious in white I carry one in my purse and one for home they work so well

I had a coat with a greasy stain that had been set in the dryer. I left the product on overnight and rewashed the coat. Voila! Stain was gone. I highly recommend it!

this product works well on tough stains - I owned a bridal shop and always used it on our samples around hemline and around top of dress worked every time -- great product

I found this product effective, but I have come to prefer a spray-on stain remover. The gel stick is messier - the gel can ooze through the fabric onto your hand or work surface, and its consistency makes it very hard to wash off your skin.

works on even once or twice washed stains.smells nice while using.comes in smaller container but goes a long way.have used this on actual straight grease from my husbands shop and it removes it and also removed spatters of vegetable oil from blouses the first try.

OxiClean Max Force Gel Stick works wonderfully to get out touch stains. I mostly use it for stains around the neck area on shirts. It really does great. You just simply rubbed the product right on the area of the stain. The end of the stick has notches on there that really helps to work the product in onto the stain area thoroughly. It doesn't take much of the product to take the stain out either. If you leave it on there for about 10 minutes and then put your garment in the wash you'll be pleasantly surprised when it comes out. Best product I've used to effectively get the stains out. The cost is not expensive also.