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  • CandyMaxwell By  CandyMaxwell    

    Alil squirt of Oxi-clean, and stains gone

    I use oxi-clean on everything.. it truly does what it says.. love that you can use it on stains in the carpet ..

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  • Jjlwood3 By  Jjlwood3    

    I really like using this product in my laundry and as a carpet stain remover. I buy it in the huge size.

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  • spacktacle01 By  spacktacle01    

    This is the best at getting stains out. I can soak my clothes and stains easily come off.

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  • TnGrnEyez By  TnGrnEyez    

    A must have product.

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  • rocksue77 By  rocksue77    

    I love this product it does what it says it will do and does not irritated my skin sensitiveness.

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  • LindsCarp By  LindsCarp    

    Ever since I've had a baby, our house has had more stains than ever. We used to use another product, but it wasn't working. We switched to Oxyclean and I am so glad that I did. We have been able to save so many little baby clothes because the stains come right out. Its a staple in our house now :)

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  • Lv2Read By  Lv2Read    

    This is my favorite stain remover. I have a child, so I have a lot of stains to get out of the laundry. It works quickly and thoroughly even on the toughest stains.

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  • sofiaviolet By  sofiaviolet    

    This spray-on stain remover works really well. I use it on pretty much any stain, and the only ones that haven't been completely removed are set-in stains (that already went through the dryer once, oops). Oil stains and blood stains might take a couple of passes - if you have a garment with those kinds of stains, I recommend letting it air-dry, then re-treating and re-washing until it's gone.

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  • khrystal420 By  khrystal420    

    I recommend this product for small stains but not for any big or tough stains. Was dissatisfied with the results after using this product.

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  • allyson By  allyson    

    You can most def tell the difference when you have used this stuff in your load or not! Love it!

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  • deefbi By  deefbi    

    I have a one year old and this stuff is MAGIC for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love it.

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  • OBC9719 By  OBC9719    

    I live in a ranch and trust me I know about stains. This product is a great clothes saver. Works great.

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  • Tpentek By  Tpentek    

    I was skeptical on trying this but it is wonderful! I little spray and then toss aside until laundry day. On tuff stains (oil for instance) I do rub the fabric together to scrub in the cleaner.

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  • nichelleb1 By  nichelleb1    

    I had a stain on one of my favorite blouses and I'd tried other stain remover products, but nothing could get the stain out completely. I tried OxiClean and it was the only product that removed the stain COMPLETELY! With four children, I'm happy to find something that will truly keep our clothes clean and stain-free!

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  • jms1683 By  jms1683    

    I use Oxy Clean every day! Love it! Affordable (you can always find coupons), and works great. Gets all stains out!

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