Oust Surface Disinfectant and Air Sanitizer

Oust Surface Disinfectant and Air Sanitizer

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Its typically a decent price but the saying you get what you pay for definitely applies. It doesn't really get rid of smells and leaves a weird feeling on my glass tables which ends up being more work for me.

Didn't really like this. Didn't last long or cover smells. And the smell when you sprayed it wasn't as good as others.

Don't really like t his as much as I thought I would. I really thought that it would 'remove' odors (like in the bathroom or the trashcan) but sometimes the bad scents seem to reappear unless you spray a lot of this stuff. It works short-term, but I prefer the original Febreze over this for longevity.

Actually I can't leave my opinion about this product because I haven't tried it but based on previous reviews I give it 3 stars.

I like this product, it removes the bad odors instead of just covering them up like other products so I have a fresh house instead of a perfumed bad smelling house

Great for tough odors, but not long lasting. It's scent is lighter than Lysol and is more pleasant in my opinion. I love that it's an antibacterial also, I spray the bathroom in between cleanings.

I love oust. Better than Lysol.

It's alright but I prefer Lysol or even Fabreze over this one.

While the smell doesn't last long, it does wipe out the smell! Even the smell of my husband's latest trip to the bathroom after eating Mexican food! Now that is something!

Does not last long but smells good!

We use this in the bathroom occasionally, especially when someone is sick and throwing up. Doesn't matter how clean your bathroom is, when someone is sick, that smell needs to go ASAP, or others start to get gaggy, too. Oust smells nice, not overpowering. It does seem to really kill the odor, not just cover it up.

I wanted to try a new spray and Oust won out. I like that it takes care of orders fast and that it doesn't smell medicinal like some of the other sprays do.

I have used this instead of lysol because you usually can find it a bit cheaper. It works for me and has a scent that helps freshen your house up while you clean.

I like this product, it freshens the house up, especial the living room, also use it in the basement, helps with cat litter smells and just plain basement smells