Oscar Mayer Lunchables

Oscar Mayer Lunchables

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Quick bite Great for a quick grab on the go or at home, cheap snack that kiddos love. The different variety is what makes it better.

Great for little ones snack I used to buy this for my daughter for lunch at her school on the days that she did not want school lunch but I find that she just eats the turkey and cheese because she says that the bread was a little hard other than that she loves lunchables.

great lunch My family loves Lunchables, ham and cheese is our favorite. Great for on the go and for packing in lunches. I normally only buy them when they go on sale for $1.00

Lunchables for "on the go" Great option for an "on the run" lunch or snack. A healthier option would turn this into a more frequent purchase.

Great for kids at lunch or on a trip Awesome! Convenient, portion-controlled and healthy. Love this :)

Not too shabby... I love the product, but I kind of wish you got a little more for the price. My kids love them!

I love the lunchables they are easy quick send for kids on field trips on regular lunch days too.

I used to have these for lunch at school. I used to love the taco bell ones! They had pizza ones too and i think burger and hotdog ones as well. I wouldn't eat them now just like the memories. :]

My kids love these, but not too healthy.

My kids love these!!!

My son loved these! Wish there was a way to make them healthier.

Lunchables are definitely kids' first choice when it comes to snacking but they only just recently added healthier alternatives inside. The cheeses that come with any/all of the options are always heavily-preserved and there are too many bread items for every box.

Lunchables are great for a quick, easy, convenient lunch although it would be nice if they came out with a "light" variety with less sodium and fewer calories.

I love lunchables, great snack or quick lunch. No prep necessary. Just wish the calories were less or lunchables would come up with a "lite# line.

My kids love these for their school lunches. However I think these are little expensive and not very healthy.