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  • stef42678 By  stef42678    

    Great for Skin

    I really love this product because it is perfect for my dry skin! It adds a lot of moisture and hydration and feels lightweight as well as protects my skin in the sun!

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  • gigi62 By  gigi62    

    love this

    As a long time user of Origins products, I love this product. It feels so light on my skin, leaves my skin feeling so smooth and so soft,

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  • suzieQTPIE By  suzieQTPIE    

    NOT UP TO - Origins Standards

    The Origins A Perfect World cost me $45 ( 2 ounces ). I expected it to be a higher quality than Olay ( that runs me around $20 ish for around the same amount ) WRONG I did notice a slight difference with the tightening / lifting BUT overall face appearance effects for me were slight at best ! Orgins did have a pleasant smell and the texture was very smooth to the touch and i think the the Ginzing in their line is VERY MUCH WORTH the $ .

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  • kik1234 By  kik1234    

    Smooth Protected Skin

    I got this at Macy's. I like that it contains white tea and antioxidants which is great to prevent aging. it does seem so plump my skin after use. It dries clear and leaves no residue. it also doesn't leave my skin oily/shiny. It actually feels light on my face and my foundation goes on smooth over it. Also it having SPF 25 in it is great for protection your complexion from the suns harmful rays.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    I love how creamy and how it leaves my skin.

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  • diglia By  diglia    

    I usulay read paula choice review before purchase any skincare products, paula rated origins in vert low scores. but I used this perfect world as a sample one time, it's a fine moisture, not greasy and very easy to absorb. but not good for anti-age

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  • bubbles1121 By  bubbles1121    

    The entire Tea Tree line at Origins is amAzing! It smells clean, and is able to keep my face from getting oily (I have oily/sensitive skin). Even wearing it all night I dont wake up with oil or new breakouts. It absorbs the best after a steamy hot shower when your pores are open. It also contains SPF so you dont have to worry so much about sun exposure or burning if you burn easily like I do. I specifically look for moisturizers that contain SPF so I dont have to put extra sun screen on. You also dont need to put a lot on your face so the jar goes a long way.

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  • caseyfleagle By  caseyfleagle    

    I love this! I have dry/oily skin. It takes away the dry spots, but doesn't leave my skin oily. It also doesn't make me break out like some moisturizers I have tried in the past. I recently purchased this product after I requested a sample and loved it! It's great!

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  • luweesa By  luweesa    

    I have combination dry/oily skin, and I LOVE this moisturizer! It feels light, smells good, and I can apply makeup over it quite easily. I also love that it is SPF-25.

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  • beyondbeautylounge By  beyondbeautylounge    

    One of the best moisturizers I have ever used. Absorbs nicely very light, which I like due to my oil skin. It leaves my skin with a nice glow.

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  • jharris By  jharris    

    Light fresh scent that is refreshing to experience in the morning, super smooth texture, blends in really nicely without having to use a lot. Feels like ample moisture without feeling at all heavy, sticky or greasy. Attractive packaging is an added bonus.

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