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Oribe Hair Products Hair Products

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Oribe Gold Lust is the Best for Dry/Course Hair I do love the Gold Lust products from Oribe (I haven't tried any of the others yet). I have very dry/course hair. I don't style or color it (except occasional high-lights), but just have always had the dry hair regardless. Regular shampoos/conditioners from the grocery stores, Walmart etc just don't cut it for me (and I feel like I have tried almost every brand out there). I need a thicker product to provide enough moisture long-term and these do it. The price is really expensive, but I also don't need as much so it lasts longer. I do consider this a splurge, but one that is worth it.

Pricey Their products are pretty expensive BUT I feel like they are worth it. I tried their leave in conditioner/serum and it made my hair so incredibly soft and manageable. I have also tried their shampoo and conditioner. The packaging is always luxurious and smells divine. If your able to splurge, I would recommend this.

Their Strength Is In Their Styling Products I swear by Oribe's Dry Texture and Apres Beach sprays. They really are innovative, and, to date, I cannot find a more affordable version of either that even comes close to the results these give. Point knocked off for their shampoos and conditioners (I do like their masques, though) - I find they don't work well with my long, thick hair. It takes a ton of product to get a good lather and it's just not worth the hefty price tag for such small bottles. 10/10 for styling products, though. Treat yoself.

This product line is phenomenal! I have used every product in this line and have yet to find a product that doesn't do what it is designed for. The gold lust shampoo and conditioner are repairing treatment for the hair and I notice a difference after just one use. This line also has a imperial blowout creme that uses skincare technology and applies it to fill in the porosity of the hair and help the blowout last longer. Gel Serum is another one of their styling products that is applied to wet hair for hold, shine, heat protection, and humidity protection.

Best hair products on the market. Every product is created to make your hair look ready for the red carpet. Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray gives my hair volume, texture and doubles as a dry shampoo so I don't have to wash my hair everyday. It looks even better the next day.