Organix Shampoo

Organix Shampoo

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This is a great product that leaves your hair feeling and smelling amazing while, adding moisture and strength.

Love it This is one of my all time favorite shampoos. It keeps my hair clean, smells great and does wonders for my hairs appearance and feel.

I love the Organix line! So far I used the Coconut Milk and the Hydrating Macadamia Oil shampoo and conditioners. I love how it does not dry out my hair and it leaves it really soft.

First, I would like to point out that there is a wide variety of "scents" and "oils" that Organix offers. I absolutely LOVE the Tea Tree Mint (the one as seen in the picture) and currently have two bottles in my shower. The smell is absolutely amazing and it makes my hair--really thick and curly--soft and shiny as well as it feels healthy. Yes, this brand is a little bit expensive and you aren't really getting a ton of product I definitely think it's worth the money. I've also noticed that since switching to Organix completely I have avoided a lot of split ends.

I really like Organix products even though my hair stylist considers this a cheap brand. There are lots of different formulas and scents to chose from and the price is affordable. I really like this brand.

woorks like a charm,and i really love the soft scent it gives off.

I love this shampoo and conditioner. I always make sure to buy extra when it's on sale. it never disappoints and my hair and scalp are much happier when I use this brand. It never disappoints.

I use this in the blue bottle. It's the Moroccan Argan Oil kind. I love the texture and smell. I switch shampoos and conditioners all the time and this is my favorite right now

I use the 2 that have keratin oil in them regularly. This brand of shampoos and conditioners is my favorite! They smell good, work well, and aren't too expensive!

when this product first came out I couldn't wait to try. I think I loved the bottle. Ends up that's all I liked. This stuff is way over priced. After using my hair felt super dry....yuck

my brothers girlfriend introduced this to me the great smelling hair wash makes your hair stay strong and healthy

These are great. It is personally one of my favorite lines of shampoo/ hair care products. I love the one in the blue bottle. I believe it's coconut milk, or something along the lines of the that. I haven't been able to purchase any in a while. I really miss using it. It makes my hair look, and smell great.

Great shampoo! Love the smell of the Moroccan oil one. But wish the price was a little better

Best shampoo for my hair and smells so good

I really like them but their bottles are annoying. I hate that you can't flip it upside down when it's near the end. Because you have to waste time shaking it to get product.