Organix  Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil

Organix Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil

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Not good for my fine hair This product was too oily for my fine hair and did not leave my hair smooth! I won't use it again.

It worked well for while but I did learn to watch when I used it. My hair did agree with it during the humid high heat days - otherwise it was great at taming my hair which never seems to do what I want.

It's nice, but for the price and the amount they give you it's probably not worth it.

This isn't my favorite hair oil and I don't use it regularly just because I've found other products that don't weigh my hair down as much and isn't so greasy. But I do love the smell and I do grab for it when I have nothing else at the moment. Not amazing but not horrible either, worth the try though.

I like the smell,but I just feel like it made my hair look like plastic. I will not buy again.

This made my hair greasy and heavy. So expensive too. The only thing that was nice about this shampoo was the scent.

When I first purchased this product, I was super excited to use it. I actually had a friend who bought it and had great things to say, so needless to say, I was very disappointed after trying it out for myself. It left my hair feeling limp, greasy and lifeless. The only good thing about it was the smell (which is pretty amazing by the way)! Too bad it doesn't deliver. Pretty much a waste of money because I only attempted to use it a couple more times with the same disappointing end result! :-(

The smell of this product is exquisite, and since a tiny amount goes a very long way, the already low price tag seems minuscule in the long run. My hair is damaged from bleach (I had to strip it when it turned pink -- long story; don't ask), and this puts moisture back into it. I use it before I shower. I coat the ends, sleep in a shower cap, and when I wash my hair, it feels soft and healthy. I docked one star because it's better as a pre-treatment and not for its intended use.

Okay, so I've tried this and several haircare products from this brand and I just hate it. Argan oil works, but you need more than just a tiny bit of argan oil inside of a product for it to do any good. I'm really turned off by "organic" hair products because most of them I've used have done nothing at all. Smells good, that's about it.

I had run out of Macadamia Oil, which is what I normally use, and saw this at Bed Bath & Beyond, and decided why not. Well for me it did not work, it made my hair greasy, did not absorb, I felt as if it left a film on by hair and found the smell to be overpowering.

The organix line and I do not get along. It leaves my hair dull and lifeless, not to mention unmanageable. You are better off spending your money on the Suave professionals line. It is a good product at a great price.

I love the Organix line. I have used two different styling oils including the Moroccan Argan Oil. A little goes a long way. I use a dab and run between my palms. I only apply it to the ends of my hair and when it dries my hair is transformed into baby soft strands.

This shampoo/brand is a must have! It leaves my oily hair feeling fresh, and soft! The smell is great, too. Definitely worth more than the price, and that's pretty inexpensive!

My favorite thing about this product is that they don't test on animals.

Not impressed. I'm so irritated that I wasted my money on this stuff. I also got the Coconut Milk conditioner which dried my hair out for days. Never buying Organix again!