Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30-Day Smoothing

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30-Day Smoothing

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One of my fave hair products in the world, Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Treatment has changed the life of my hair! I have really long, thick, wavy hair that get's super frizzy with humid weather- and in the summer where I live humid is our constant state of living. I was sick of walking around with unmanageable hair. So, I started searching for a hair care product that would allow me to wear my hair down without having to worry about it turning into a frizz ball! I tried bunches and bunches of products, from temporary fixes to more permanent effects. I finally found Organix Brazilian Keratin 30 Day Smoothing Treatment and I instantly fell in love! It turned my hair into the hair I was dreaming about! I now do these treatments every 6-7 weeks, sometimes I get a salon version, but I always have and Organix Keratin Treatment on hand. My hair is now super glossy, easier to manage and has less tangles! When I get out of the shower, I wrap my hair in a towel for five to ten minutes and blow dry my hair straight, blow drying used to take me about an hour in increments of 15 minutes. Now it takes me about 10-15 minutes total depending on the style! I also use the Organix Keratin 5 Minute Miracle when I'm showering to keep my Keratin Treatment fresh. I swear, my hair has never been so gorgeous! If you want easier to manage, beautiful hair- try this, you'll love it!

Leave it to the professionals. Unless of course you have the time and energy to do this time consuming hair treatment yourself. Give yourself a good three hours to do it right. I dont think a lot of people will do this correctly. The saturating the hair, and ironing it is bound to have someone's hair burn or furthermore break. I did the tedious hours long process and all i can say is its hyped. My hair was slightly softer, but never worth the time or money for this product.

I got a Keratin treatment in July so it's starting to wear off. the Brazilian oil does wonders in maintaining my hair's straightness and shine. I miss it with a little conditioner and blow dry. When it wears off a little more I will get the whole package to see if I can maintain the straightness for a while longer, as I don't want to have it professionally done again until next summer (concerned about the formaldehyde. I think it's a great product and would probably be good for when my hair is wavy as well, as it gives a nice shine.

The product is very time consuming to do and make note when it tells you not to oversaturate don't. There is a reason WHY it pays to have it done professionally. When I purchaed the product I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond using my 20% coupon. From the directions, I did oversaturate my hair because when I rinsed it off after the 30 minutes it tok even longer to dry my hair and for a week after that I still had some of the product on my hair brush. As I begin to dry my hair which is little above my mid-back it took about 45 minutes to throughly dry my hair with the brush. You have to dry in pieces and than after drying it the next step is to straighten. Then if you don't have a good straightner for I have the 25 dollar remington special from Target again another 1 hour to straighten my hair. The finished product, my hair was straight though the first few days it looke very heavy and did stay straight though at times it idid kink up a bit. Once I washed my hair, I will say it was softer and did stay straight for about 3 weeks and then gradually it started to get a bit more wavy again. If you do decide to do the treatment, be comforable and if possible get some help so you really can get a full blow out straighten. Unless you are fortunate and is an excellent hair stylist for I know I am not.