Organic Valley Lactose-Free Fat Free Milk

Organic Valley Lactose-Free Fat Free Milk

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yum! By far the best that I've tried. It's a little sweet on it's own but if you drink while eating something (ie: a cookie) it tastes just like regular milk! I should also mention I bought the 2% version.

Worth the money, good shelf life in the fridge, and works just fine with baking.

Excellent. I usually have to buy lactose free dairy products. This brand is really creamy and well... tastes like MILK!

This definitely makes my taste buds happy. Smooth and delicious is this!

I liked it. I found it to be a little sweet but no problem. The price is a little steep though

I developed a sensitivity to dairy in my late teens, and have gone through the gambit with milk substitutes. Soy, almond, coconut milk - you name it. Soy milk gives me heart palpitations and the others just don't taste good to me. Finding an organic lactose-free milk was amazing! No tummy aches with this fat free milk that has lactase enzymes added to it to break down the lactose for you. I get mine at Publix!