Oreo Truffles


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  • Prep Time:
    5 Mins
  • Cook Time:
    20 Mins
  • Total Prep + Cook Time:
    25 Mins
  • Level:
Oreo Truffles

Makes: 36 truffles

Description: Chocolate covered Oreo Cream Cheese balls. YUM!

Package Oreo Cookies (regular or mint)
1  8 oz. package cream cheese softened
1  Block white chocolate bark

Instructions: 1. Finely crush 7 cookies in a food processor or ziploc bag. Reserve for later.
2. Crush remaining cookies, stir in softened cream cheese. Use the back of a large spoon to help mash the two together.
3. Roll mixture into 1 inch balls, place on wax paper covered cookie sheet.
4. Melt chocolate as directed on the package, then dip balls into chocolate, tap off extra and set aside on wax paper covered cookie sheet to dry.
You can sprinkle the tops with the 7 crushed cookies for decoration.
5. Once dry, refrigerate & enjoy!

Notes: It helps to freeze the uncoated balls for a few minutes to get them nice and stiff & to keep the mixture from starting to fall apart in the melted chocolate. If this becomes a problem, dip them in the chocolate, let dry and then dip again.

Also good dipped in regular milk chocolate bark.

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Author image by Shelly3t | ROBINSON, IL    
Feb 08, 2017

OH my goodness I need this in my life! Lol looks so yummy ! Getting hungry ...nom nom nom

Author image by Babychikie6405 | WEST YARMOUTH, MA    
Feb 05, 2017

These look so good and super easy to make! Can't wait to try these :-)!

Author image by Prettygirl01 | SEGUIN, TX    
Aug 14, 2016

Looks like a very good dessert.

Author image by Krisdough | Weirton, WV    
Jun 23, 2016

These are amazing!

Author image by LoriR13 | BROWNSTOWN, MI    
Sep 07, 2014

These are so good! There are very sweet, but so yummy and easy to make. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Author image by tam0706 | ALTOONA, PA    
Jun 21, 2014

I make these and a variety of other truffles at Christmas time. These are heavenly. I usually cover with milk chocolate rather than the white chocolate. Only complaint is that you have to be careful to keep them refrigerated since they contain cream cheese. And if you make multiple kinds of truffles you can't mix them or you will lose track of the ones that need to be refrigerated.

Author image by ToBeHeard | Tucson, AZ    
Feb 13, 2014

When I make this I use milk chocolate instead of white chocolate. I would have taken a picture but they were gone that quick!

Author image by Lauren21J | MAYS LANDING, NJ    
Nov 10, 2013

I make these all the time! Easy to make and always a crowd pleaser!

Author image by mnmguess | TOLEDO, OH    
Mar 06, 2013

Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing this great recipe!! Love it!! IT was simple to make and very tasty!! Everyone enjoyed it!! Thanks!!

Author image by kbaby05 | canton, MI    
Nov 29, 2012

these look amazing. I cannot wait to make them

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