Oral B  Professional Care 1000 Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Professional Care 1000 Electric Toothbrush

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I always wanted to try an electric toothbrush, this product is the best and very professional.

I like the Oral-B CrossAction Power toothbrush much better than this one. I can also buy them in bulk from BJ's Warehouse. I like that they supply you with extra brushes. I have to say, at one point I switched to a regular toothbrush and not only was it more difficult to brush, but it wasn't long before my gums were hurting.

This is a good tooth brush, but I can't use it. My teeth are very crooked in back, and several of my molars come in diagonally towards the sides of my mouth. Because of that, the head on this gets squished and barely fits in all the way, which means the head doesn't last very long for me. If you have straighter teeth than I do, this is a great product. If you were out of luck and never got braces like you were supposed to, this may not be ideal for you.

LOVE this toothbrush!! I can't say enough about it! Every time I brush, it feels like I just came from the dentist for a cleaning, but the best part is, I did it at home! Although some may view this product as pricey, it is well worth the investment! I don't think I will ever use a regular toothbrush again in my life! This toothbrush also makes a great gift! So far we have purchased this for about 5 other people in our families and everyone loves it! We've found it's the kind of product most people won't buy for themselves (price) but love using it once they have it! If you're not using this already, don't wait! It will change your life for the better!

I love this toothbrush! Recently, I wanted to try an electonic toothbrush. I got a couple cheap ones and they worked better then a regular toothbrush. Then I bought this electronic toothbrush. I never knew my tooth could be so white or feel so clean. After using a regular toothbrush my whole life, this toothbrush made a huge difference! It says it removes up to 90 some percent of surface stains within two weeks and I believe that is definitely true! Well worth the investment!

I love this not only because it has a timer but it cleans my teeth so good . My mouth feels way cleaner .

I used it for two weeks and really improve my teeth! I found it easy to handle and use. I like the ?Quadrant Pacing? system that every 30 seconds, the toothbrush let you know that you should brush in a different area of your mouth. Also the toothbrush stops when you are brushing your teeth too hard. This model only has one speed, but is much faster than my old toothbrush. Every time that I finished brushing, my mouth had that clean feeling you get after your dentist cleans your teeth. The recharger base is small, great for small bathroom, like mine! Also the battery lasts a long time and has a warning light that lets you know when your battery is starting to fade and you need to recharge. This product offers you different brush heads to meet any oral care need, like sensitive teeth and gums, etc. Other great quality of this toothbrush, is that is affordable and you can get it at your local store and Online! CONCLUCION: This product passed all my expectations, so if you are looking for a new, cheap power toothbrush that makes an effective job, ORAL ?B PROFESSIONAL PRECISION 1000 is the winner!

I won this in a contest and it's way better than a regular toothbrush and better than my older Philips Sonicare. I like the brush head - it's much more like what is used during a dental cleaning, so I feel like it does a better job of keeping my teeth clean.

These make my teeth feel so clean! I love that there's a timer and it tells you when to move to the next area!

I purchased one of these and love it. I am formerly a Sonic Care user and like this toothbrush much better. Like so many have said; It feels like I just came from the dentist office. I really like the "flossing": brush head with built in flossing pics. I have been using the brush for many months no and can feel my gums being less and less sensitive and mor eand more healthy. I am sure the proof will be in my next Dental exam.

This toothbrush definitely gives you a dentist-clean feeling!!!! Love the way it is able to reach and clean the hard-to-reach back teeth. Has made toothbrushing fun!

I Love the Oral-B it has changed my way of brushing forever.Even my dentist commented on the difference it made when I went in for my cleaning a couple of weeks after using the Oral-B. I am buying several as gifts thei year. I want to start all of the kids on it. I think good oral hygiene is a must for kids....thanks shespeaks

I love my Oral B toothbrush! I had been using a Sonicare brush for several years, and my dentist told me I was wearing off my enamel. I am able to buy much softer brushes with the Oral B. It also helps me because I am able to get to my back teeth as the head is much smaller than that of Sonicare. I have a small mouth, and even my dentist has even complained about how hard it is to get to my back teeth to clean them. He was the one who recommended the Oral B. I have been using it for five years, and have had no problems, no cavities, and no more enamel wear. Best part? My dentist cleanings are a breeze now!

my 17 yr old uses it and says it is wonderful if you have braces, really cleans well, timer is great, wish it had a setting for auto shut off after 2 mins, says button is sometimes hard to use when her hands are wet

I have been using this toothbrush for about 2 weeks and love it. Teeth feel very clean and it does not take up a lot of room on the counter. Would recommended to anyone.