OraBrush Tongue Cleaner

OraBrush Tongue Cleaner

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Love adding this little brush to my morning/night routine! You can tell the difference on your tongue after using the brush, it removes more than your toothbrush!

Orabrush is a brilliant invention--really clears up bad breath!

i thought it was a gimmic, but i finally gave in and tried it.....and i love this! it really does work when it cleans. i use it every morning and night and my first night trying it i noticed the morning after...my breath was still fresh, could barely taste that disgusting morning breath haha i am so glad i bought this product!

I thought it would be just like any other tongue scraper or mouthwash. It ACTUALLY freshens your breath! How it works: the superfine soft bristols go deep into your tongue, bringing up all of the 'stuff'' that makes your breath smell gross, while the scraper comes along to pick it all up! Research shows that 90percent of our bad breath is caused by the gunk on our tongues! I tried it in the morning before i brushed my teeth (morning breath, gross) and afterwards, my breath tasted normal! it dosent add any special minty flavor, it just makes it smell normal again!