One Bride Says "I Do" Between Contractions

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 27, 2012

Most brides have a difficult time finding the perfect dress for their wedding day, but one bride was perfectly happy wearing a sheet after her fiancé planned a surprise wedding for her in the hospital. Cynthia Reese’s wedding story is like none most have heard as she uttered her “I do’s” while in the throws of labor with the couple’s first child.

The Today show recently reported about the unique surprise hospital wedding Reese and her fiancé, Michael Bof, had just before their son arrived (2 months early) at the Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio.

Though the wedding was a surprise, there was some planning involved by hospital staff who found out about the impending surprise wedding and thought it was a fun idea. Nurses fashioned a wedding gown out of hospital sheets, for the “something blue” she wore a blue monitor belt around her dress, and others got flowers and refreshments for a makeshift reception.

After being given permission to leave her hospital room, Reese made her way via wheelchair to the hospital’s chapel while a nurse played the wedding march on a laptop. Reese explains how everyone came together to make her big day a special one saying, “I felt like I was in a freakin’ movie. I was sitting there all drugged up and people were clapping. A random lady coming to visit her family gave me a bobby pin in my hair and put in my baby’s breath (from the gift shop). I felt like Julia Roberts.” She added, ““I was so excited. I was so happy and overwhelmed and everybody pitching in and the surprise my fiance gave me. I’m about to cry right now. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

And if the bride thought it counldn’t have gotten any better, she soon learned she was wrong. The newlyweds welcomed their healthy new son, Michael Frederick Bof II, the very next morning.

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kriszabrowski by kriszabrowski | San Luis Obispo, CA
Nov 27, 2012

What an awesome story! I heard a quote on one of my shows last week that said something like "Family is the ultimate commitment; marriage is just the icing on the cake." This couple sure did make that the most special 24 hours imaginable! Reaching those two huge life milestones at once must have been amazing :)