One Airline Charges Based On Passenger's Weight

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Apr 11, 2013

Over the years we’ve seen airlines change their policies in an effort to save money and keep up in a competitive industry. From paying for your luggage to eliminating meals and snacks, airlines have made their need to economize clear. But what if the next step was having different fares associated with how much you weigh?

CNN reports about one small (but growing) airline that already practices the price of a ticket based on a passenger’s weight. Samoa Air has different levels of ticket prices according to how much the passenger and the passenger’s luggage weigh. Passengers who book online will type in a guesstimate of how much they believe their luggage weighs plus how much they weigh and then they are weighed on arrival at the airport to double check. This may sound surprising, but Chris Langton, Samoa Air chief executive, believes this is the way of the future and we will soon see other airlines charging based on passenger’s weight.

Langton explains, “The next step is for the industry to make those sort of changes and recognize that 'Hey, we are not all 72 kilograms (about 160 pounds) anymore and we don't all fit into a standard seat. What makes airplanes work is weight. We are not selling seats, we are selling weight.” Langton also explains that he understands weight can be a sensitive issue but the airline also tries to accommodate the space to make a larger or taller passenger more comfortable and in turn that person will pay a little extra.

Some U.S airlines have requirements stating that larger passengers pay for an extra seat, but actually weighing them at the airport has never been a practice. Airline analyst Vaughn Cordle explains why he thinks U.S. airlines won’t be charging based on weight any time soon. He says, “For U.S. airlines, I think this is an issue they will not touch with a 10-foot pole because of the negative publicity and the practical purposes of weighing people at the gate.”

What do you think of paying for an airline ticket based on weight? Do you think this is a fair practice?

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Noelgopie by Noelgopie | RIVERSIDE, CA
Apr 19, 2013

I guest it's a benefit for the light weight people and not for others. It's really sad that the world has come to such demeaning standard. I really don't think they will be making any money. It's nice to see forums such as this to get the word out, so the customers can not make the rich richer. They would get my money either and I only weigh 115. And totally disagree with there policy. But it's there right.

Cudo22 by Cudo22 | New Milford, PA
Apr 18, 2013

This makes me sick. How awful to make someone weigh in for there ticket price. I would never fly with that airline. Not everyone is skinny & that's just another way to make people feel bad about themselves.

Apr 14, 2013

I cannot believe this ,i am totally shocked ,they should be totally ashamed of their behavior,NOBODY should ever fly with this airline,that is so degrading to people that are over weight,i'm just appalled reading that,i can't believe people could be so stupid and insensitive of other people's feeling's!