Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer

Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer

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These reviews were very helpful as I have been looking for a well made, but not overly costly pedometer for both my husband and myself. I think I will buy this one and see how it works. Thanks everyone ;o)

I have this pedometer and it is more accurate than the previous ones I have purchased. I do have a little extra weight around the middle and it does not stay clipped at times. Otherwise, it is a great pedometer and I would recommend purchasing it.

Great product. It is very accurate and worth the money spent.

I was given one for free at work for this fitness program where we had to walk 10,000 steps a day and even though it was my first pedometer, I can truly say that it is the best! They don't "accidentally" count steps when you're not even walking (compared to other cheap pedometers). What I really liked is that it not only hooks up to your pants your purse, but it also has a clip just in case it hooks off. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone interested in a good pedometer.

These are the best pedometers by far! Omron's technology is more advanced than other companies.

It took a while to set up properly - setting the stride in particular.

After reading recent health studies that found those who take less than 5,000 steps a day drastically increase their risk of heart disease, obesity, and other major health problems; I decided to get a pedometer and track my steps. I bought a few cheapo ones at Target and they stopped working after a month or two. I then purchased a $50 Sportline pedometer from Sports Authority which had to be exchanged twice and ultimately returned because it was inaccurate and cheaply made. Finally, I have found the all around, absolute best pedometer on the market! The Omron HJ-112 was very highly rated online for accuracy by multiple consumer testing sites. It can be worn fairly discretely or carried in a pocket or purse. It counts steps, miles, and calories, and allows walkers to track aerobic steps (running) separately. I have an ellyptical machine and have used a lot of pedometers that don't record my workout accurately, but this one dose! It also holds information for up to seven days and resets automatically every day. The price is right for $22.50, but I've used pedometers three times as much and honestly prefer this one above all. I ordered mine online, it should come with the clip, safety cord, and battery. Hope this review helps!