Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans

Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans

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These jeans are so comfortable. I hope Old Navy never retires the sweetheart Jean.

I love these jeans Old navy stopped making them i think .What a mistake . I think you women who wear the sweetheart jeans are so sexy , They are kinda plain and clean looking but incredibly sexy at the same time . Tight or loose they look good. I can also say that they feel incredible to wear they are very soft and comfortable , Yes I am a guy and i also wear these sweetheart jeans and they are my favorites . They fit me better than any mens jeans and they feel so good to wear . I love when I am out and run into a women who is wearing them as well and she tells me how good they look on me .

THe only jeans I buy! The cut is great for those of us with a curvy booty and some hips and thighs. I really love the straight and skinny leg versions of the sweetheart which , on me, look more sleek and professional especially in the darker washes.

there comfy but a lil long on my side

Being as I used to be an employee at our Old Navy I must say next to the Rockstar jeans these were my favorite!

I swear by Old Navy jeans! I have a couple pairs in different shades of denim of the Sweetheart jeans. I also own the Diva. Their jeans are affordable (only $30 bucks at max! and their sales are incredible), and they lst forever! I've had one pair for at least five years, and I wear them A LOT!

I have a really hard time finding jeans and these are a perfect fit everywhere. I'm 5'6" and buy the long ones because the regular size shrunk just a little too much for my liking. They are usually $29 but wait for the denim $19 sale.

Affordable, good quality and nice appearance. The only thing is that the get super stretchy/ baggy by the end of the day.

I'm a long term jean buyer. I tried these jeans on 3 separate occasions and they always were toast within 3 months. I don't buy them anymore. I'd rather spend a little more $ on a pair of good fitting jeans that last for a few years than on cheap jeans that last for a few months.

I would give them 4 stars only for price and the cut which as another member stated, I am short and have trouble finding jeans that fit my body. The price is good only because I found them on the clearance rack. I bought them for everyday jeans to be worn as an 'extra' pair. I believe at full price I can get a better quality and better fitting jeans in a comparable or higher end store. I do like the higher rise on the belly. I recently had a tummy tuck and my scar sometimes will appear if certain jeans are too low on the hips. I like the boot cut and the soft fabric. The stitching on the pockets are nice and somewhat generic but not flashy nor a poor copy of another brand of jeans. The jeans are great for the average person who doesn't care about designer labels and appearance.

I loved it when they came out with these, of all of the ones they came out with those, the sweetheart cut is great, of course my favorite is still flare, the fabric is not stiff. I try to wear long shirts with these jeans because I think they look like mom jeans in the front. They fit my hips, bottom, my height! (I'm very short and have trouble finding jeans that fit my body)

I love these Jeans . I see many women wearing them And always love how they look in them . One day i worked up the courage to ask a women what brand they were . She told me , I went and bought them for my girlfriend . As you would imagine I bought them to big and she was insulted . Later on I tried these on my self and they fit me perfect . I could not believe how wonderful they felt . I have never wore any mens jeans that fit this good or felt as nice . They feel wonderful so soft and when i bend the bend with me . I have fallen in love with these . I now wear them all the time they are my favorite jean and my girlfriend likes how they look and fit me . no one ever notices they are women jeans so i bought more in the lighter colors . I love the old navy sweethearts !

These are only my all time favorite jeans, I loved it when they came out with these, of all of the ones they came out with those, the sweetheart cut is great, of course my favorite is still flare, the fabric is not stiff. Very comfortable.

Love the long line these create on my short legs, and they wash up well. Only issue is a little stretching after one or two wears.

Very comfortable and they fit great! They look awesome on me.