Old Navy Plus Size Women's

Old Navy Plus Size Women's

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Not true to size Great cloths and great quality but sizing is always way off. For reference, I?m a xl in most cases and I have to buy 2x and sometimes 3x at old navy.

Not Great for US Plus Size Girls! The Plus size cloths just don't fit right. I mean we need a little shape to them and not just a tent. I dont think Old Navy consulted with or reserched what plus size girls want and need! Also they shrink and fade quick! The regular sized clothes for both adults and kids are so trendy and affordable. Too bad!

I truly love the Old Navy plus sized women's line of clothing. They don't shrink when washed, they are fashionable and cute, they are super comfortable and they don't fall apart after a few washings. I will continue to buy their clothing for as long as they sell it.

Ehh. I used to buy plus size clothing from old navy all the time but the last several years things have started fitting funny like they aren't really designed specifically for plus sizes at all but instead just took a regular shirt and added a bit more fabric. For instance, I don't need elastic stretch around midsection, no one wants to see my roles that up close and personal..I want something to conceal them, not emphasize them! I am also finding that as shirts get larger they get wider but not longer so everything hangs over my chest but then half my stomach is hanging out the bottom...not cute. Occasionally I can find some cute things and what they do have are reasonably priced which I appreciate, I just wish the designs were specifically designed for plus size shapes.

Their maternity cloths are so great and comfortable.. I wear them everyday and everyone says I look great...

I love Old Navy. They have affordable clothing that is cute and trendy. I have a few items that I really like from Old Navy that look great!

Not really made for plus size in my opinion.

I am not plus size any more but when I was I always went to Old NAvy, they made me feel like I was still wearing age appropriate and stylish clothing. The only thing was the inconsistancy of sizing, makes it difficult to order online!

I enjoy Old Navy Clothing, however am finding that along with other department stores, sizes are getting smaller! No, I am not getting bigger, actually have been losing weight. But I have noticed this in other stores as well. I am not one to wear snug clothing, and really have enjoyed old navy up until recently. Sorry!! I will stick with JC Penny!

I recently purchased a fantastic Old Navy "I Love New York" shirt in XXL. Typically, the clothes are a bit more fitted than I'd like. However, I LOVE this shirt and have received many compliments on the style and design. I love the shirt so much that I decided to go back to the store the following week to purchase another one. The tops wash up nicely and are great to pack for trips. I also found out that Old Navy has a lot more plus-sized clothes available on its Web site. I'm very excited about this additional option becuase I have long admired its clothes, but have had to pass on them. I just wish Old Navy would carry more plus-sized clothing in store.

Just bought some Old navy button down shirts size XL. All were the same style but with different types of fabric (one was a solid another black with a pattern...and they all fit different. The pattern shirt ran small but the solid grennn looks very stylish

I buy a lot of clothing for my granddaughter at Old Navy. The wear well and fit her well. The value is very good. I especially like when they have their one day special for a particular item.

I used to love going to old navy but as ive gotten older (not too old) and "healthier" should we say, they have disappointed me. I recently went into a outlet store thinking they would have the larger sizes and when I asked a representative there she looked at me a bit off and told me that bigger sizes were only available online. Now i can't really blame her attitude towards "bigger sized girls/women on the store itself , but really its not like "bigger girls/women" only shop from the privacy of there computers. We like to go out shopping as .

IN my past experience, Old navy Plus size clothes are designed for juniors. The pants are too low-cut and the shirts are too small.

My only issue with Old Navy Plus Size is its not available in stores. If it were I would buy more products if I knew I like the fit and didn't have to pay shipping. I just bought their new Compression pants and I LOVE THEM. I could wear them everyday they are great for working out or just working in my home office. I will definitely buy another pair. I like the look of their new athletic wear jackets wish I could try them on.